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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is on the verge of resolution.Some have linked events in Ukraine to Taiwan, saying Taiwan is next.However, according to the analysis of the Ukraine incident, there is no possibility for the United States to intervene in the Taiwan Strait.There has been a dispute over whether the United States would intervene if there was a war across the Taiwan Strait.Ukraine is a magic mirror.Russia recently launched a strategic nuclear missile force exercise and successfully launched a hypersonic ballistic missile in a new show of force deterrence amid an overall crisis with the West.Amid continuing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has arrived in Munich, Germany, for a “security conference”, making it clear that his country will not take the initiative to respond to Russian provocations or face a greater crisis.In his speech at the Security Conference, Zelensky argued that for years Ukraine had been merely a shield for the European Union, blocking one of the world’s most powerful armies, and that this Russian army was massed on Ukraine’s border, not the EU’s.At the meeting, Zelensky told western Allies that all “appeasement” of Moscow must stop.Zelensky answered that Russia blamed the operation as a reason for the troops, that the war may be in any one shot under a gun, Ukraine and Russia will be killed.He seemed to say that it was a tragedy for both countries that the current situation was so bad, even though the two countries had been in harmony.Amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the annual security conference in Munich, Germany, has been dubbed the “insecure conference.”Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, told an annual security conference in Munich that he was determined to stop Ukraine’s leak.He said the world would face devastating consequences if western countries did not keep their commitments to support Ukraine’s independence.He also argued that this includes risks to Taiwan.Once Ukraine was in danger, Johnson put it this way, the shock of war would reverberate around the world.The sound will hit Southeast Asia, hit Taiwan.People will conclude, “The use of force is justified.”Johnson’s remarks are pandering to the US attitude on the Taiwan Issue and interfering in China’s internal affairs and sovereignty.China considers Taiwan to be part of its sovereign territory and Brooks no foreign interference in resolving the Taiwan issue.China has always stressed peaceful reunification and will never give up non-peaceful means.Even though the tension in Ukraine continues, even though Ukraine is so important to the US geopolitically, the US has made it clear that it will not send troops into Ukraine, and even if Russia does, the West will only impose sanctions.Wang Jiangyu, a law professor at the City University of Hong Kong, concluded from the us response to the Ukraine issue that even if there is a Crisis across the Taiwan Strait, the possibility of Washington’s military intervention is zero.In his view, in the event of a war across the Taiwan Strait, the United States will provide arms sharing and military assistance, and the possibility of directly sending troops is zero.As russia-Ukraine relations soured, American academics warned that Beijing might join forces with Moscow to make separate incursions into Ukraine and Taiwan that would leave the United States distracted.There used to be western expressions like “Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow”.Wang offered her opinion in an online lecture.In the Russia-Ukraine crisis, China had no direct geopolitical conflicts, including economic interests, and was just a bystander. On the Taiwan issue, China was indirectly related to the psychological expectation of the crisis.In terms of geopolitics, Ukraine is far more important to the United States than Taiwan. At the beginning of the crisis, the United States provided military aid to Ukraine, hoping that Ukraine could become an important pawn to check Moscow. This is precisely why Russia is upset.The US psychologically treats Ukraine as a member of NATO, but Taiwan has absolutely no such status.Wang jiangyu said that even though Ukraine is so important, the United States has made it clear that it will not send troops because of the war in Ukraine, let alone Taiwan.Beijing strategically considers that Beijing has its own steps and timetable for resolving the Taiwan issue.Professor Wang jiangyu believes that to solve the Taiwan issue, internal governance, international reaction and other factors will be taken into consideration.But one thing is for sure: Reunification is a national policy, and Beijing will not speculate on the issue.Copyright notice: This article is the author’s original article, the pictures are from the network, the text of this article without authorization is strictly prohibited to reprint, if the need to reprint or cite must obtain the author’s consent and indicate the source.

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