“Tour of Youth 4” cast a big blood change, Jia Ling quit, 2 people return, new 4 people

For those who like watching variety shows, surely they haven’t missed The Tour of Youth?This is a reality show of exploration, which mainly allows a group of young people to explore the culture, history and other cultures of a city through tourism.In addition to the fixed MC, popular stars will be invited to broadcast each episode. They will convey more positive energy and happiness through playing games and interviews, and attract more netizens’ attention.Fan Chengcheng, as a veteran of three seasons, has brought a lot of traffic to the show with his high popularity.Jia Ling, who joined the show from the second season to the third, once became the soul of the show, and many people followed the show because of her.In season 3, Yang Yang was introduced to us as a new MC. Although he was not very talkative, he also acted as a traffic agent, so it was hoped that he would continue to appear in Tour 4.In the discussion of everyone, online exposure of the “Youth Tour 4” lineup, can say that this lineup is a big change of blood, almost replaced more than half of the old MC, even the soul of Jia Ling have quit.Jia Ling’s performance in “Trump card to Trump Card” is clear to everyone that no one can match her in field control ability and funny ability, but she is so excellent that she still left “Youth You”, old fans must be particularly sad in the heart.After Jia Ling quit, we want to know more about the return of two old people, in fact, these two people are Fan Chengcheng, Yang Di!Fan Chengcheng is really the biggest winner, from the beginning of “Tour of Youth” to the fourth season, most of the people have changed only he did not change, still steady in the recording, it can be seen how much the audience like.Although Yang Di is not the one we want to keep, but he can also bring us happiness, so it is not a bad thing that he can continue recording, at least there are two old people standing firm.Some people quit to join, the director to “Youth Tour 4” added 4 new people, respectively is Li Yifeng, Lei Jiayin, Zhao Jinmai, Liu Yu, originally the only female guest is Jia Ling, replaced by Zhao Jinmai, some coffee sorry to come.And Mai Mai is too young to take on the same responsibilities as Jia Ling, so he has to be protected by the other brothers.If we really follow this list, maybe li Yifeng will become the soul of youth You, after all, he is the biggest of the newcomers!Netizens saw the lineup list, in addition to jia Ling et al exit feel sorry, more is full of expectations for the new lineup, we also want to know after the big blood “Tour of Youth 4”, in the end will be better than the third season?If the ratings and word of mouth after the replacement can improve a lot of words, then everyone will not stop the program group to do so, otherwise the fifth season of the selection of guests we must support the “original cast”.Since this is the guest lineup spread online, it means that there is no official file, maybe there will be a miracle when the official list is announced, so don’t be too sad.You can pay attention to the official blog at any time, you can know the first time around the youth 4 lineup situation.Ok, that’s all for today’s sharing. What else do you want to add after reading it?

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