Weekly Hot Spots in Western Hunan (2022.1.16-1.22)

On January 22, the Standing Committee of Xiangxi Municipal Committee of the CPC held a (extended) meeting to convey the spirit of the “two sessions” of Xiangxi Province and to arrange and implement the arrangements.The Public Service Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has announced a list of 80 villages in China to be selected as the 2022 “Village night” demonstration sites.Shibadong Village, Huayuan County, Xiangxi, is the only demonstration site in Hunan province, and will carry out a series of demonstration activities during the Spring Festival.Detailed content according to the identification of the qr code below to see long 03 ❖ Suggestions for five deputies and advanced worker named the province of National People’s Congress recently, National People’s Congress standing committee general office of hunan province, the province of human resources and social security hall jointly issued the “about recognition of hunan province National People’s Congress on behalf of the role and advanced individuals and the work of the NPC the decision of the advanced individual”.Among them, five deputies and NPC workers from Xiangxi were awarded the provincial advanced award.On January 20, the ninth plenary session of the Hunan provincial government announced a list of regions with notable achievements in 2021 to be commended and encouraged, as well as incentive measures.Among the 31 commendations, 17 projects in xiangxi and Huayuan County, Jishou City, Baojing County, Longshan County, Fenghuang County and Luxi County were commended 23 times, and received incentive support in terms of policies, projects, funds and additional points for county and city performance appraisal.The Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has announced a list of the “Most Beautiful Xiaoxiang Cultural Sites” in 2021, with 20 towns (streets) and 50 villages (communities) in the province.Among them, the comprehensive Cultural Service Station of Shanjiang Town, Fenghuang County, Xiangxi prefecture, was selected as the “Most Beautiful Xiaoxiang Cultural Site” at the township (street) level, and the comprehensive Cultural Service Center of Majeng Aokou Village, Pinglang Village, Aizhai Town, and Shuangfeng Village, Lingxi Town, Yongshun County, were selected as the “Most Beautiful Xiaoxiang Cultural Site” at the village (community) level.The people’s government of Hunan province has announced the 11th batch of provincial-level cultural relics protection units in Hunan province, with a total of 143 sites selected.Among them, xiangxi five cultural relic protection units on the list.Jishou Economic Development Zone recently signed a cooperation agreement with Dongguan Hongdixin Industrial Co., LTD.The signing of the project marks a “good start” for jishou city’s investment promotion in only 10 days.08 Tea Safety evaluation and food safety local standard research project in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture successfully passed the acceptance inspection recently.The science and technology project of Hunan Market Supervision Administration undertaken by The State Institute for Food and Drug Control, “Safety Evaluation and Food Safety Local Standard Research of artificial planting berry Tea substitute tea in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture” (Project No. : 2020KJJH72), successfully passed the acceptance and evaluation of the provincial expert group.Long press to identify the qr code below to view this week’s hot topics which are you most concerned about?Come to vote as soon as possible ~~ source | Group conclusion Xiangxi network red Xiangxi client editor | Liu Na producer | Chen Hao wonderful content quick overview of a minute
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