Winter Olympics and Spring Festival are the perfect combination.

A volunteer takes photos at the Winter Olympic Games village in Yanqing, north China’s Shaanxi Province, Jan. 31, 2019.Volunteers and delegation members gathered at the Winter Olympic Village in Yanqing on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the Happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Photo by An Yaoyang (Xinhua) Decorated with lanterns and colors to welcome the Chinese New Year.The Beijing Winter Olympics will open on Feb. 4 to coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Tiger.Two areas, three games, red lanterns hung high, hot gold “fu” posted, filled with a thick festive atmosphere.When the pure Snow White and warm Chinese red “perfect encounter”, the Olympic history engraved a unique Chinese mark.On New Year’s Eve, when the whole family gets together, the big winter Olympics families are still busy.The carefully arranged Elements of the Spring Festival bring people more warmth.In the main media center of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, paper-cut paintings of “Chinese New Year” are plastered on the glass curtain wall.Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics village restaurant, newly decorated dahongmen let a person shine at the moment.Focusing on the theme of Chinese New Year, chefs put their skills to the test and served various traditional Chinese New Year dishes.The National Alpine Skiing Center is located in Xiaohaituo Mountain of Yanqing Competition Area.It was cold outside and warm indoors.Volunteers put up Spring Festival couplets and paper-cuts, a touch of red, showing a strong smell of the New Year.To get together for the dream of the Winter Olympics, contribute their own light and heat, even if we can’t go home for the Spring Festival, but everyone’s eyes are full of smile, words are proud.Chinese athletes are familiar with competing or training outside during the Spring Festival, but participating in the Winter Olympics at home is a different experience.Guo Dan, a speed skater, paid New Year’s greetings to his hometown through a newscast.As the competition approaches, she, like all Chinese athletes, is looking forward to presenting a New Year gift to the whole nation with her wonderful performance.Most of the volunteers serving the Winter Olympics are young people.The glimmer of each post illuminates the “smiling business card”.Eighty volunteers from China University of Mining and Technology wrote a handwritten letter to their families to express their pride in serving the Winter Olympics.To ensure the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the venue operation and logistics teams have worked tirelessly as a “screw” for the Games.Li Danyang, a logistics service worker, said: “It gives me a sense of honor and pride to spend the Spring Festival in such a top competition service position.”Look at the winter Olympics hand in hand on the streets of Beijing, all kinds of winter Olympics landscape particularly eye-catching.The mascot walks on the “central axis”, the winter Olympics theme flower bed has a unique style.A different flavor of the New Year, many citizens have come to take photos.Yanqing, at the foot of the Great Wall, has launched 100 winter Olympics themed homestays.In order to allow tourists to experience a “one-stop” ice and snow tourism, ice and snow warm overnight consumption coupons are also issued.The cultural gifts and food on the shelves are also with the characteristics of the Winter Olympics.In many people’s shopping carts, a few more winter Olympics licensed goods.From the “Light the Winter Olympics” countdown badges to the Beijing Winter Olympics auspicious palace lanterns, there are all new holiday gift options.What are you looking forward to during the Spring Festival holiday?Watch the Winter Olympics!As the world’s top ice and snow athletes gather at the Winter Olympics, TV channels in people’s homes are locked into the sports channel.The winter Olympic Games schedule attracted attention, and the topic of winter Olympic Games frequently “swept the screen” network hot search.The Beijing Winter Olympics is not the only place that is popular.The upsurge of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” continues to heat up the ski resort.Ski resorts such as Xiling Snow Mountain in Chengdu, Sunac Snow World in Guangzhou and Shennongjia International Ski Resort in Hubei are flooded with tourists during the Spring Festival.The whole family gets together to watch the Winter Olympic Games and enjoy ice and snow with friends and relatives, bringing a sense of happiness and fulfillment.It is full of love for life, blessing for the Winter Olympics, and more praise for the Olympic spirit.The Chinese Lunar New Year is “red” while the world ice and snow feast is “silver”.The exchanges and mutual learning between eastern and western civilizations have produced wonderful chemical reactions due to the “Winter Olympics meets the Chinese Year”.Taylor Cobb, a technical engineer for NBC, has been at the Olympics since November and has seen more and more lanterns, Chinese knots and tiger figures in the hotel lobby.Now, he knows more and more about the Spring Festival. “You should put money in a red envelope and give it to your child during the Spring Festival.”In the village, the Dutch Delegation put up elaborate posters in front of the building to celebrate the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger.”We specially studied Chinese culture to complete the design. There are pictures of the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall on the posters, which represent our best wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”The Dutch Winter Olympic delegation Olympic liaison officer Hanniko said with a smile.The folk customs activities with The characteristics of the Spring Festival make the foreign friends feel strange.At the main media center, foreign journalists crowded around volunteers to write Spring Festival couplets and occasionally asked about the meaning of Chinese characters.”It was an unprecedented experience and a rare opportunity for us to learn about Chinese culture,” said Ms. Whitebread, from the United Kingdom, who learned to draw a tiger’s head.During the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Martin, an international student from Peking University, often sang the winter Olympics songs.”This is an Ice and snow Olympics, but also a unity Olympics.”Martin said the Spring Festival had been very meaningful.”I would like to thank the Chinese people for their warm hospitality and efforts to ensure the smooth hosting of the Winter Olympics.”Team GB team manager Paul Spoke for everyone.International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach spent the Spring Festival in China for the first time. “The Winter Olympics and the Spring Festival are a perfect combination,” he said.”The tiger symbolizes courage, strength and success. This is also my wish to the Chinese people during the Spring Festival.”Winter Olympics, The Year of China;Hand in hand, to the future.On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the start of Spring, the national Stadium “Bird’s Nest” fireworks, this unique ice and snow event will leave a deep mark in the history of the Olympic Movement.Layout Design: CAI Huawei People’s Daily (06 edition on 02 February 2022)

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