Different collection of unlimited aggregation code, without the business license of the third party collection

According to xiaobian, there is no clear standard for wechat remote collection, but as long as the trust of wechat account is low or often remote login, there is a risk of platform risk control.Therefore, we should pay attention to wechat collection in different places.Even if the normal collection, more than the same risk control.Especially multiple payments for the same amount.Solution, go to TB to open a shop, hang a freight link 1 yuan, shortcomings, slow collection cycle.Or do a collection aggregation code with the business license.Disadvantages, a little poundage thousand 3.8……1, online payment, most aspects of the business is bound to use method of cashier, after the good communication to demand payment of the customer to send a payment code, in a short period of time may question is not big, but if the number of applications, it is very easy to appear the risk control of the environment, the collection also slightly better face to face, but through this technique cashier is risk control may be only time question.2. What is the transaction of different places? It also mentioned online collection. If online collection is a little better in the province, if online collection is universal, the approximate rate will be controlled by risk.3. The transaction volume of many merchants is relatively large, so they may choose to add friends to transfer money, but there are restrictions on daily payment, and there is no way to support large transactions. In such an environment, if there are large transactions every day, it is very easy to be controlled by the official risk

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