Gao ‘an public security yong Yi adhere to the “tiger” force open!

Just like dragons rising and powerful of the Spring Festival, we family reunion gaoan the sorghum from public security busy not as well joy “tiger” on January 30, yi chun city vice mayor, gaoan committee secretary Zheng Shao, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of healthcare visits condolences, respectively, the traffic police brigade, patrol police brigade narration spring station, etc., cordial visit condolences to police, auxiliary police,On behalf of the Municipal Party committee and the municipal government, I wish the city’s public security organs to do a good job in the quality of security and stability work, to ensure that the city’s people spend a happy and peaceful New Year.Deputy mayor, public Security Bureau party secretary, director Chen Gang accompanied visit.On February 1 (the first day of the first month), vice mayor, public Security Bureau party committee secretary, director Chen Gang has in-depth bureaus units, urban police stations and other places, visited the civilian auxiliary police stick to their posts, on behalf of the bureau party committee to extend holiday greetings.He pointed out that the current security and stability work task is heavy, heavy pressure, strict responsibility, all personnel should firmly establish the “public holidays, public security guard” concept, spare no effort to maintain security and stability of all work, efforts to public security “hard index” in exchange for the “safety index” “happiness index”.Police camp New Year’s Eve dinner, another reunion taste New Year’s Eve, is the last day of the end of the year night, is reunion and the United States, ying Xiang Na fu day.And they, for the reunion of thousands of families, loyal performance of duty, abide by the oath, stick to the work to protect the peace of one party.Patrol prevention and control Since the Lunar New Year’s Eve, the municipal police stations and auxiliary police have carried out 24-hour three-dimensional patrol prevention and control in key places and locations such as business districts, stations and main roads under the jurisdiction.Traffic dredging the city’s public security police station, traffic police squadron and special patrol police brigade on duty to carry out traffic dredging in areas easy to block, at the same time to the past drivers to publicize traffic safety knowledge, and correct all kinds of uncivilized traffic behavior, to ensure road safety and smooth.Window service New Year can also do!Spring Festival “no closing”!The city’s public security service window staff gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families, adhere to the post, to provide warm heart service for the masses, anxious about the masses anxious, anxious about the masses worried.Warm heart rescue February 2 (the second year of the year) at 10 o ‘clock, Gao ‘an public Security Bureau special patrol brigade tieqi squadron emergency rescue a bone stuck in the throat of the girl.The girl was treated and found to be fine.February 2 at 2:00 a.m., shanghu township, a resident’s home on fire.After receiving the police, the police of Shanghu Police Station rushed to the scene immediately, evacuated the onlookers, and jointly put out the fire quickly.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning of February 3, Lanfang police station and fire brigade together to put out a fire.At around 10:30 am on February 1, the jiantao Base police station helped the vehicles trapped in the drainage ditch.During the Spring Festival, the city’s public security police station went deep into the area under the jurisdiction of the community, village groups, shops, etc., to ban burning, anti-fraud and other safety propaganda.The Spring Festival holiday has not ended shu shu busy will continue the Spring Festival I am safe I have our protection in the New Year, please feel at ease!Source: Gao ‘an Public Security Bureau

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