Huo family 7 billion dispute property case settlement withdrawal, netizens: this time know family harmony!

The huo family’s 7 billion yuan inheritance dispute has aroused high concern among netizens in the circle.For such a large sum, for such a large family, there could be such a tangle.What we didn’t expect this time was that they settled the dispute and withdrew the case.The big house woman’s lawyer told the judge that the families had signed a secret agreement and were determined to settle.And make very fierce children of the second house also do not object to this decision, the third house also did not object to the attitude, so the judge gave their case to withdraw.Although there are still some minor issues in the whole estate dispute, they did not reach a consensus, but in the face of the estate dispute of 7 billion, they are all minor cases.After announcing the settlement of the estate dispute, the judge praised the family, saying that their family members were willing to sacrifice their personal interests to realize Fok’s dream, and those who benefited from this event will never forget their efforts.The judge said the case seemed so sad, but had the most happy ending.In fact, when Fok yingdong died, maybe he expected such a day.When Fok yingdong died, he put forward requirements for his children, so that they can not make a decision to split up within 20 years!Fok yingdong has tried his best to fairly divide the family property, but once there is a dispute on interests, it really makes people feel a little embarrassed.The dispute began in 2012, when the family reached a settlement mediated by friends of Fok’s when the dispute broke.But who had thought that the follow-up and raked out the land event, which provoked the two, the son of the two said that the distribution of property in the home is uneven, some people get the legacy has passed hundreds of millions, but some people only tens of millions.They expect land to be converted into money and then redistributed.A family went to court over a piece of land.The eldest son of big room and the second are actually very want to be able to reach a settlement, they still want the family to peaceful coexistence, but two or three rooms for the benefit of their dispute, they will also be the children of the eldest branch to court, things have gone too far to bigger and bigger, to Kenneth fok family career development also caused no small impact.Was so fierce a reconciliation of her family heritage for the case of a sudden, let a person is unexpected, but on this matter, some netizens said, could be made concessions and Ian fok their family family, according to room 3 room 2, after all, their thoughts and attitude, is certainly want to get more benefits, in order to their own interests, regardless of the family,This is really ugly!However, some netizens said that a family should still focus on family affection, some people are not poor money at home, eat a little loss to eat a little loss.It is the best that matters can be settled, and the dispute over the estate is finally over!Many netizens are also put down, I hope they can return to the normal track of their lives!But still want to advise them, affection is priceless!

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