Sanmenxia: the city’s hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues were checked at night!Temporary seizure of 2!

In order to further do a good job of fire safety work during the Lantern Festival, sanmenxia city fire rescue detachment organized a night inspection of fire safety throughout the city on February 15.That night, the city’s fire enforcement cadres and township streets, relevant industry departments, fire safety service center and other grassroots grid forces mixed organized, in-depth into the area of large shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, KTV, bars and other concentrated places to carry out night checks.Each inspection group focuses on whether the unit fire safety responsibility system is implemented, the unit automatic fire facilities work is normal;Whether fire inspectors are on duty;Whether evacuation passage and safety exit are unblocked;Whether evacuation indication signs and fire emergency lighting facilities are complete and effective;Entertainment venues whether illegal overmanned operation, whether illegal use of open fire to check.In the process of night inspection, the inspection teams told the personnel on duty at night business places to stick to their posts, fulfill their responsibilities, conscientiously carry out regular fire inspection and inspection, and effectively overcome paralysis and laxity.At the same time, 120 fire protection agents were also organized to subcontract towns and communities to increase on-site inspections of local folk activities, temple fairs, lantern fairs and other festival activities organized spontaneously by the masses.Through “and intercom” to large shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, KTV bars and other units for remote scheduling and reminder inspection, increase the pull frequency of miniature fire stations;Visited and interviewed fire safety responsible persons and managers of 10 commercial complexes in the city, and urged them to take measures during the festival to ensure the arrival of units, strengthen inspection, and promote the whole time, so as to ensure fire safety during the festival.The night inspection, the city formed a total of 137 groups to carry out joint inspection, inspection units 212, found 505 hidden dangers, rectification hidden dangers 454, temporary closure of 2.Source: Sanmen Xia Fire Department

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