The man was punished for posing as a volunteer and gathering people to sell vegetables in violation of epidemic management regulations

On April 1, the new branch of Baishan Public Security Bureau in Jilin province investigated and dealt with a case of violation of epidemic prevention management regulations, and gave administrative detention to a crowd selling vegetables and fined 300 yuan.At 19:00 on March 31, the police of the new public security bureau in the silent task, found a district downstairs, a man dressed in red volunteer vest selling vegetables and gathered a large number of residents, the police immediately stepped forward to stop, and the man back to the bureau for questioning.It is understood that the generation of a market selling vegetables self-employed, March 30 at about 20:30, generation after nucleic acid testing, came to the community guard duty room, the guard personnel claimed that he is a volunteer epidemic prevention and control, and the guard room placed the red volunteer vest away.On the night of March 31, Dai dressed in volunteer vests out of the community, driving trucks will purchase vegetables back to the community for sale, leading to a large number of residents around the gathering, the situation is more serious.Dai’s behavior caused the gathering, disrupted the epidemic prevention and control order, to the surrounding people bring personal safety risks, has been a refusal to implement the people’s government in the emergency situation issued by the decision, order, the police on the generation of administrative detention for seven days, and a fine of 300 yuan of administrative punishment.Author | Legal Daily all media reporter Liu Zhongquan source | Legal Daily

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