The school does not allow a student to take an elevator, the student that takes an elevator against regulations, how should educate

The school installed an elevator, do not allow a student to take an elevator however, someone unluckily takes an elevator against the wind and violates regulations, does this calculate illegal?How should the teacher punish these students?First of all, it is not illegal for students to take the elevator.The school has rules not to allow students to take the elevator, the students who take the elevator are violating the school rules.1, what is the purpose of the school to install the elevator?The purpose that the school installs elevator: it is the convenience that fluctuation building for teaching staff.The second is to take care of special students, such as disabled students who have difficulty walking.Third, it is convenient to transport materials, fire prevention and other special channels.2. Why doesn’t the school allow students to take the elevator?One is that there are too many students, taking the elevator will make the elevator damage rate increase.After all, it takes many trips up and down the elevator.Second, there are too many students, all in the elevator, it is possible to cause the elevator bearing too much danger.Especially some pupils take the elevator, easy to disorderly press the keys of the elevator, which will cause the possibility of elevator failure to increase.Third, students are in the physical growth stage, walking ladder can exercise.After all, sitting in the classroom is longer, so there is less time for exercise.Fourth, students take the elevator easy to cultivate the habit of laziness.Walking is the best way to exercise, but also to develop a good habit of walking.If you are not willing to walk, you are lazy in other ways.Fifth, the novel Coronavirus outbreak in the past three years is very serious. Students are concentrated in elevators, which may have created opportunities for virus transmission.In particular, in the spring of this year, there were novel coronavirus intensive cases in two schools, in which a concentration of students in elevators increases the transmission of the virus.3. Is it illegal for students to take the elevator?The elevator installed is for sitting, convenient up and down the floor.It is not illegal for students to take the elevator, because students are also the main members of the school.The school rules that students do not take the elevator, but also for the safety of the elevator, but also for the safety of students, but also for the exercise of students.This is the school’s own regulations, not related to laws and regulations.4, for the violation of the students to take the elevator behavior, how to education punishment?The student violates the rules to take the elevator, is a kind of lazy performance, can strengthen the sports to achieve the purpose of education.For example, if a student is found to take the elevator illegally, he can run two or three laps in the playground and remember how much exercise he needs to take the elevator once.In terms of education, teachers should set an example for others.The teacher in the class as far as possible also do not take the elevator, do not waste public resources, can walk the ladder to set an example.In this way, students can be well guided not to take the elevator, do not occupy the elevator resources.5, under what circumstances can the school special treatment to take the elevator?Nothing can be uniformly banned.If the students are late for class, they can take the elevator to the classroom directly, so as not to delay the class. Of course, these are relatively rare phenomena.From the big point of view, do not hold back, try to let students understand electric kick.Students with special needs can take the elevator.For example, students with physical disabilities, who have great difficulty in walking, can be allowed to take the elevator.From the aspect of education to guide students to respect the disabled, at the same time to let them realize that the elevator is for this kind of crowd, do not occupy the elevator resources.In short, no rules, no standards.It is understandable that the school does not allow students to take the elevator despite the installation of the elevator.For the physical exercise of students, as well as safety considerations, after all, there are more people in the elevator, safety risks increase.To violate rules to take the student of the elevator, increase the amount of exercise of the student is ok, of course, do not suggest the implementation of overweight corporal punishment.In ideological education, the teacher to set an example, no special circumstances do not take the elevator, as a teacher can really play a very good role.

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