“Ban burn ban put” sell gun ring gun, “detain” you have no discussion!

Off-year to off-year has come to the Spring Festival is not far around the stronger……The off-year is a rehearsal for the Spring Festival, showing the good wishes of the Chinese people to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one. The police reminds the police to forbid fireworks and firecrackers.Closely combining with the Regulations on Burning and Releasing issued by the People’s Government of Shanxi Province, the Work Plan of Special Rectification Action on Burning and Releasing of Pinglu Public Security Sub-Bureau was formulated, and the special rectification action on burning and releasing of fireworks and firecrackers was carried out in the whole district.Vigorously promotes the propaganda launch In a clampdown on special ban burning banned, ping lu public security bureau adhere to the “education is given priority to, predominant combining dealing” course of action, ban burning banned out publicity materials of more than 20000 copies, exhibition board 12 piece, the franco-prussian preach more than 50 times, for citizens to provide consulting services to more than 3000 times, in the area of purple morning square loop for more than 50 times banned banned combustion feature films,To create a good working atmosphere for the whole area.Vigorously promotes the accurate control Led by the public security bureau chief, total responsibility, in charge of package area responsible for package, the team village, the village, all the police, the auxiliary police layers of compaction, shouldering the responsibility of everyone, overcoming the difficulties brought about by the snow, in the respective district sea-front guardian, precise control, supervision and persuade people not ring fireworks, safety of for the feast, civilization of for the feast.In the morning of January 25, 2022, Wang was arrested for selling fireworks in Zihe Garden community, Jingping Town. He was detained for 5 days and confiscated 9 boxes of fireworks and firecrackers.Recently, in pinglu district purple river garden district is preparing to sell fireworks caught illegal suspect Ji, fireworks on the spot 18 pieces.According to the “People’s Republic of China public security management punishment law” the provisions of article 30, my bureau has given the administrative detention for five days.Before, the bureau police patrol to the Ming Hai hotel, found a man placed fireworks and firecrackers to the car, police found, summoned on the spot to do further investigation, after the inquiry, the man knows the “ban on fire and fire regulations” relevant provisions, but there is still a lucky psychology, illegal to provide others with explosive dangerous goods.According to the relevant provisions of the Law on Punishment for public security administration, the man has been administratively detained by our bureau in accordance with the law.Fireworks although the beauty of fleeting ban ban ban ban is not empty talk is not a joke!Don’t test the law!No sale, no lighting, no lighting we mean business!No fireworks, a “culture” advocates send blessing, send pictures, to send Spring Festival couplets, carry forward the traditional culture, the festival atmosphere is strong No fireworks, a “save” to save money can be used to bless family, sweetheart gift No fireworks, a “safe” thorough farewell fire hazards No fireworks,Have a “year of environmental protection” to protect the blue sky in Pinglu!

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