Intermediate social work division test what question type

Intermediate social work division test which question type: intermediate social work division test multiple choice question and case analysis question.Intermediate social work division examination subjects are mainly intermediate social work practice, comprehensive ability of intermediate social work and intermediate social policies and regulations, of which the intermediate social work practice is case analysis, the other two subjects are multiple choice questions.The intermediate social work teacher examination has a case study question type compared to the primary social work teacher examination.The case analysis topic is still more difficult, on the one hand, candidates need to master the basic knowledge of the textbook, but also can combine with the actual case analysis.This needs examinee not to memorize by rote in review process, want to combine actual situation to deal with analysis problem however.It is suggested that examinees brush the real questions in this respect, study the rules of the real questions and the key points of the answer, and combine knowledge points to answer.When answering questions, try to list several key points, the key points are clear, the key points are prominent, the core knowledge points are correct, it is easy to score.For multiple choice questions, it requires examinees to be able to master the key theoretical knowledge proficiently, and use the elimination method to choose correctly.Click the mini program button to download free test preparation materials and highlights for social workers
The duration of the intermediate social work examination is two years. If candidates do not have the basic knowledge in this field, it is recommended to take one or two courses per year.If you have a systematic review and are confident of passing your exams, you can enroll in more courses throughout the year.As long as candidates can pass all three subjects within two years, they can obtain the intermediate social work teacher certificate.Division of intermediate social work is still more popular in the current social work, hope to work in the street office, women’s federation and other organs, if you want to enter an examination for this certificate, I hope you seriously prepare for the examination.

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