“Childlike innocence child language share” Montessori NIDO environment Settings in those you do not know the road

Montessori NIDO and IC classrooms often overturn our traditional perceptions of infants and toddlers.Children as young as a few months or as young as one or two can also take care of themselves, work intently with their young hands, and even be graceful and quiet.The secret lies in the “environment” — one of the core of Montessori education, through the preparation of materials needed to meet the physical and mental development of children at all stages, assisting the natural development of life, revealing the powerful potential of children’s inner creativity.NIDO Environment The NIDO environment for the first year of life provides a professional place for working parents to entrust.NIDO is the Italian word for lair, which means warm and safe place.The environment is divided into feeding area, sleeping area, working area and living care area, corresponding to the commonly understood dining room, bedroom, living room and toilet.Montessori recommends breast-feeding, so the feeding area contains a mother’s feeding chair.Mothers are weak after childbirth, so they need comfortable nursing chairs and relevant items to be at their fingertips to meet the frequent breastfeeding needs of their babies.The beautiful layout makes the mother feel happy, and the fixed feeding place also helps the baby get order satisfaction.Nursing chair A baby who is three months old sleeps in a basket with a baby pillow, feeling as if she is surrounded in the womb.The soft baby pillow protects the newborn’s delicate skin, making it more comfortable to be held by an adult and a movable, secure “bed.”This will help newborn children gain a sense of trust in the world.Sleep basket and baby mat the table top and tub that change diaper in the area that take care of life are having the height that suits adult, avoided the exhaustion that bend over brings.Storage space for everything your baby needs to bathe and change diapers.”Children learn through their senses,” Dr. Montessori said.For children up to age 6, the senses are how they explore the world, learn and shape themselves.A variety of auditory, visual, and tactile experiences provide purposeful work for infants up to 5 months of age. The rich sensory experience promotes the development of the nervous system.The movable mat is the main working area before the child can climb.The hand-made pendant gently rotates in the natural air flow, promoting the child’s visual development without over-stimulating.Children from 5 months to about one year of age have great changes in movement and eating.A child’s powerful inner energy is reflected in physical activity, a human tendency that needs to be freely expressed.As the myelination process progresses, the child will undergo a series of developments, including sitting, crawling, standing and walking.The floor bed in the sleeping area enables the child to go to bed or get up when needed, helps to see a more complete environment visually, and brings about psychological self-recognition development from the independence of action.Children at 5 months of age use only floor beds, and children up to 5 months of age use sleeping baskets placed on the floor bed.Vision: hanging hanging ornaments;Tactile: Plenty of gripping items, sleeping baskets and floor beds, weaning tables of appropriate height allow five – and six-month-old children to experience the experience of eating at a physical distance from their mother and meeting their own needs through their own efforts.The variety of tastes and textures in his environment satisfies his food sensitivity.Specifically for the production of 5 ~ 6 months children weaned tables and chairs, can let the child experience and in the arms of his mom before eating (eat) of different experience, with the mother sits weaned at both ends of the tables and chairs, children experience, for the first time in physical and mother separated and through their own efforts to gradually meet the demand of their own food.At the same time, different stages of weaning meals also provide children in the environment in addition to breast milk, a variety of flavor, texture of food, to meet the child’s sensitivity to food taste, indirectly ready for the future milk.Weaning table in the child can turn over, left standing, crawling, you can gradually stand with the help of the armrest on the wall.A low mirror on the wall of the play area will allow the child to observe his movements and establish a relationship between the range of body view in the mirror and the different movements.When your child is learning to walk, a stroller with a sense of weight and a ladder that is not easy to tip over will be helpful.The complete environment of walking ladder lies not only in visible furniture, teaching AIDS and other physical composition.Freedom and restrictions, a clear schedule, a reasonable mix of age, and adults who understand the rules of child development and know how to intervene and hide are all essential components.Image source: AMI Beijing Center 0-3 demonstration classroom about childlike childlike language, practitioner of high-quality childcare services, trainer of professional international teachers, and advocate of scientific family rearing!Founded by a group of preschool teachers who are active in the front line of teaching, the company is determined to find an inclusive and high quality infant education that integrates China and the West on the basis of many years of infant education practice.Tong Xin Tong Yu is a member of the Preschool Education Committee of the Chinese Society of Education, a member of the 0-3 year old Talent Standard project of the National Health Commission, and a certified training center of the Montessori Association of America.0-6 years old is an important stage of life, which directly affects the level of human resources and social progress in the future. With the goal of improving children’s well-being and promoting social progress as its own responsibility, the company’s mission is positioned as:”Let the world know children, awaken life with education”, committed to the scientific foundling education concept training and dissemination, to help more adults understand children, listen to children’s voice, respect children’s needs, support children’s development.The Montessori Model Day Care is created by infants and young teachers. It is a model day care of AMS American Montessori Association Teacher Certification Training Center. It is an AMS member school.Montessori teaching method is adopted in this daycare, which is child-centered and respects children’s nature and original power. The environment is clean, safe, friendly and inclusive, and all classes have a sense of beauty, design and order.In the environment prepared by teachers, children can choose their own work, explore freely and learn spontaneously and actively.The goal of childishness and childishness is to cultivate children to be the best of themselves, not only with good cognitive level, but also with optimistic, independent, confident, studious, tenacious and problem-solving ability and other valuable non-intellectual qualities.Outreach: Cultivate children to become a beneficial member of society, acquire politeness, empathy, cooperation and norms of behavior, so that children can happily integrate into society and become a positive social person.

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