Famous doctors into the community, for this kind of youth common disease advice!

In winter and summer holidays, a large number of teenagers accompanied by their parents come to seek the help of Professor Zhan Hongsheng of Shuguang Hospital in the special TCM clinic of Wuliqiao Street Community Health Service Center.Most of these teenagers already have visible scoliosis problems, some even have pain symptoms, scoliosis is serious, but many times it is too late, the growth is basically finalized, to the chagrin of most parents.The reporter learned from Professor Zhan Hongsheng that scoliosis will lead to the deformation of the spine and lumbar vertebra of children, and the pain will affect daily life. When it is serious, it will even cause injuries to the knees and other body parts. “From the appearance, it is not very beautiful, especially girls will lack confidence.”Professor Zhan proposed that “early detection, early diagnosis and early intervention” is an effective prevention and treatment strategy for scoliosis.Based on the medical teaching and research platform and the advantages of diagnosis and treatment technology in the orthopedics department of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, the research team of Chronic spinal muscle and bone diseases of Shi’s Department of Traumatology, with the members of Shanghai Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Studio Of Zhan Hongsheng as the main team, and the Community Health Service Center of Wuliqiao Street jointly carried out the scoliosis screening activities for primary and secondary school students in the area.According to the characteristics of growth and development, Wuliqiao Community Health Service Center selected 129 fifth-grade students from Zhongshan School for preliminary screening. Through software data analysis, it was found that many students had different grades of scoliosis risk;Dr. Subsequently, the center of rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine will be the result of the screening and scoliosis intervention Suggestions (eating habits, living a posture) issued to each student, at the same time that high-risk students in scoliosis in the follow-up, signed by the family doctor, establish spinal health records, to make an appointment dawn to deliver &experience ZhuanBing experts to center on spinal health clinic.To deliver &experience HongSheng professor zhan undertake to the student comprehensive assessment of the spine to deliver &experience HongSheng professor zhan manual intervention for adolescents HongSheng professor chan told the daily exercise the muscle strength and balance force on both sides of the spine reporter learned that, five space street community health service center will keep in touch with the students’ parents on a regular basis, involved with the family doctor adolescent spinal health management,Make a plan and follow up regularly.Gatekeeper center as a community health, has been adhering to the people-oriented, rely on to deliver &experience of “five one” the intervention of the model, with noninvasive screening, psychology evaluation and comprehensive evaluation, imaging examination, etc and provides the methods of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and spinal physical characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment plan, to maintain a healthy adolescent spine and lateral control.

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