Let health go hand in hand with urban development, and the construction of healthy sea salt will bear great fruits and the masses will reap full happiness

Since 2016, Haiyan County has undertaken a number of pilot reforms such as the compensation mechanism reform of provincial grassroots medical and health institutions, whole-cycle health management of two chronic diseases and promotion of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, and vigorously promoted grassroots health work with digital reform as the lead.The innovative construction of digital health service center and chronic disease integrated clinic are the first in Jiaxing.”I’m calling to ask if your high blood pressure is under control recently.At ordinary times blood pressure amount probably how many?”At the Wuyuan Street Digital health Service Center in Haiyan County, medical staff are conducting telephone follow-up visits to residents suffering from hypertension and diabetes in their area.The digital health service center in July 2021 formally opened, the family doctor service for the district residents telephone follow-up appointment, medical appointments, two slow disease such as digital health services, have the initiative to arrange follow-up tasks, quality analysis, information collection, data trace ability, health management to provide technical support for the whole life cycle.Up to now, the service scope of digital health Service center radiates 29 villages and communities around, serving more than 10,000 people.The center province digital government “JieBang 1” project, haiyan county, the old “two slow disease” total cycle digital health service system and the county health information platform, build a district two slow disease management center, undertake two slow disease center at the county level up, butt down each responsibility area, through the platform sharing data interchange (edi), to provide a sustainable innovation management mode,And the formation of “according to the current address management combined with competitive service” management mode.In particular, the “two chronic diseases” full-cycle digital health service system for the elderly focuses on “three scenarios and five applications”, creating “six scenarios and one application” with one picture, one database, one case, one index and one report, realizing the integration of medical treatment and prevention, data interaction, and doctor-patient co-construction and sharing of digital health services.Since the reform, more than 100,000 patients have been screened for chronic diseases and 67,000 have been put under precise management. The number of outpatient visits to county-level hospitals for chronic diseases and chronic diseases has decreased by 22% year-on-year, and the outpatient rate at the grassroots level has reached over 80.9%. The reform has enabled patients with chronic diseases to enjoy more convenient and high-quality medical services.Next, Haiyan County will mainly promote the construction of the pilot area from four aspects: improving the basic health service system, improving the basic health service capacity, strengthening the construction of the basic talent team and innovating the basic operation mechanism.We will continue to deepen smart management actions, optimize internal operating mechanisms such as service model, performance appraisal, refined management and digital application, and improve external policies such as financial input, talent recruitment and medical security.Efforts will be made to create a model of community-level medical and health care, play an exemplary role, and lead the high-quality development of community-level health care.

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