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Peninsula network March 28 news (reporter Fu Xiaoyu correspondent Zhang Youwei Yang Kun) Lou Xinyang, Shandong Zhucheng people, 55 years old this year, 1990 bachelor degree in Yantai Normal University physical education department, Zhucheng senior middle school teacher.He is a man who loves his job, silently makes contributions and regards sports career as the love of his life.After thirty years of teaching, he has done his best for zhucheng sports career and made extraordinary achievements in the ordinary position of physical education teacher.In the teaching process, Mr. Lou devoted himself to teaching and research, and applied the advanced concepts of physical education to classroom practice.We should teach students according to their aptitude and arrange classroom content rationally.Lower grade students focus on sports through sports games to develop interest in sports, middle and high school students to improve students’ sports ability and technical level.In my work, I try my best to make the PE class lively and interesting, guide students to love sports and insist on exercise, and train students to develop healthy learning habits.In life, close to students care about students, with students to treat each other with friends, say bosom talk bosom matter.The good teacher-student relationship not only improved the student’s interest in learning, but also further stimulated his enthusiasm for work.Years of teaching, unknown to the public, hard work, he will be his own blood and sweat drop by drop on the growth of students on the road, worthy of an excellent sports gardener.Due to the outstanding classroom teaching achievements, he has been rated as the Outstanding Teacher of Zhucheng No.1 Middle School for many years, won the special prize of competition for many times, and won the outstanding Teacher of Zhucheng Classroom Teaching reform and Zhucheng Teaching Expert successively. He has taught Zhucheng city open classes for many times, and published many papers in professional newspapers and periodicals.In addition to daily classroom teaching, he is also responsible for the training of the school’s track and field team in his spare time. Throughout the year, there is almost no rest day. Regardless of the severe winter and heat, he insists on arriving first and leaving last in training every day, encouraging students to devote themselves to the training.Flowers always have bees to pay there will be harvest.Since the training, nearly 50 sports students have been admitted to tsinghua University, Ocean University of China, China University of Petroleum, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Lanzhou University, Chang ‘an University and other institutions of higher learning.The students trained and transported by him have achieved excellent results in competitions at all levels, winning more than 100 weifang city champions and 16 Shandong province champions, making great contributions for the First Middle School of Zhucheng to win weifang Middle School track and field Games for 30 consecutive years.Above, Li Chunshan, a student from the class of 2010, was admitted by Tsinghua University after passing the high-level entrance examination.Jiang Gangan, a student of class 2006, was admitted to Ocean University of China from Zhucheng No.1 Middle School. After graduation in August 2010, he joined the Shandong Provincial rugby team.Above, Jiang Gangan won the women’s rugby champion in the 12th and 13th National Games on behalf of Shandong Team.On the right is Sui Shangfeng, champion of heptathlon in the 23rd Shandong Provincial Games in 2014, Hu Lili, champion of pentathlon in group A of the 19th Weifang Games. In addition, the outstanding students he has trained and trained include:Wang Xuefeng, a student of 2002, won the heptathlon champion in the 8th Shandong Middle School track and field Games with 4722 points, which was the record for middle school students in Shandong Province.Wang Gang and Wang Wei, students of grade 2003, won the gold MEDALS of men’s heptathlon in 2005 and 2006 respectively.Hu Jie, a student of Grade 2003, won the gold medal of women’s pentathlon in 2005 shandong Provincial School Cup and the gold medal of High jump in Group A of Shandong Provincial School Cup in 2006.Liu Weichao, a student of Class 2006, won the gold medal of men’s 400m hurdles in Group A of Shandong Provincial Student Athletics Championships in 2008.Sun Hongyun, a student of grade 2006, won the gold medal of women’s long jump in The 2009 Shandong Provincial Student Track and Field Championships, the gold medal of women’s pentathlon in the 11th Shandong Middle School Student Sports Meeting, and the gold medal of 400m hurdles in the 16th Weifang Sports Meeting.Sun Qiuping, a 2007 student, participated in the 9th National Middle School Student Sports Meeting on behalf of Shandong Province.Li Dapeng, a student of class 2010, won the gold medal of heptathlon in Men’s Senior High School group of Shandong Middle School Track and field League in 2012 and the gold medal of pentathlon and high jump in men’s Group B of the 18th Weifang Sports Meeting.Guo Mingjun and Sui Shangfeng, students of Grade 2010, won the gold medal of men’s 4× 400m relay in 2012 Shandong Middle School Track and Field League.Jiang Xiaolong, a student of Grade 2011, won the gold medal of men’s 4× 400m relay in 2012 Shandong Middle School Track and field League and the gold medal of men’s 110m hurdles in the 18th Weifang Group B;Wang Xiaoyu, a student of grade 2017, won the third place in heptathlon of Men’s Group B in the 24th Shandong Provincial Games.Qiu Wenshuai, a student of Class 2019, won the gold medal of men’s Pentathlon group A in the 20th Weifang Sports Meeting.As a result of her outstanding performance, Ms. Lou has been awarded by the provincial and municipal education and sports departments and zhucheng Municipal Committee and government.Since 2005, he has been awarded “Weifang Municipal Government Achievement Award” for 8 times and “Zhucheng Excellent Teacher” for 3 times.In 2010, won the title of “Excellent Coach of Shandong Middle School Students Sports Meeting”;In 2012, he was awarded as model worker of Various cities.In 2013, he was awarded “2010-2013 Advanced Individual of Weifang Traditional Sports Project School”, “Excellent Individual of Curriculum Reform of Zhucheng City”, “Teaching Expert of Zhucheng City”, and “Model of Teacher Ethics of Zhucheng City”.”Advanced Individual in the 19th Weifang Sports Meeting” in 2016;”Advanced Individual of Weifang Track and Field League” in 2017;In 2018, he was awarded “2014-2017 Advanced Individual of Mass Sports in Shandong Province”;From 2018 to 2021, it has won four consecutive Municipal Government Achievement Awards;In 2019, he was named “Advanced Individual of the 20th Weifang Sports Meeting”.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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