Why did Wang Xifeng say, “Baoyu and Sister Lin, they get married one after another, so they can’t get any money from the government?”

In the 55th episode of a Dream of Red Mansions, Sister Feng and Heping talked about tanchun’s family’s ability and said that the Rong Guo Fu was now struggling to make ends meet.Then he mentioned the expenses of jia’s mother’s funeral, several girls and childe’s marriage, which were several big expenses.Wang Xifeng as rong Guo Fu in power for many years of housekeeper daughter-in-law, the size of affairs and all the family are very clear, she said is also a certain thing.Sister Feng laughed and said, “I have already thought about this, but it is enough. If Baoyu and Sister Lin marry each other, then the old lady can take the money out of the official coffers.Wang Xifeng meant that Baoyu and Daiyu’s marriage was approved by Jia’s mother.Through Jia’s declaration that Baoyu should not marry early, the release of mating standards, and later on the false proposal for Baoqin, it can be confirmed that Jia’s mother has a great say on Baoyu’s marriage.Before treasure jade did not find more suitable famous family expensive female, clear of one’s previous experience is expensive, the Lin Daiyu that consort with is optimal candidate.Seeing this, Wang Xifeng never talks to xue’s “golden marriage”, nor does she interact with Xue Baochai. She even despises Xue Pan with her husband Jia Lian.She has a close relationship with Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu.In fact, she is in accordance with jia’s mother’s will, she and Lin Daiyu are not as polite as sister-in-law, but like sister-in-law with thick, this is not quite normal.Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu’s marriage is not a secret in jia Fu, Jia mother and Wang Xifeng’s public support and matchmaking is too obvious.The boy xinger all know: “the future must be determined by Miss Lin.”Zijuan also said, “If something bad happens to the old lady at one time, she will be finished at that time, but I’m afraid it will delay her time.”The lowly servant girls would never dare to say such a thing without a great atmosphere of public opinion.For example, Zijuan had mistaken jia mother to treasure qin said to Treasure jade, this public opinion is because Jia mother help treasure qin marriage caused, visible Jia mother usually set treasure dai behavior certainly a lot, give you a lot of hints, we will all think so.Jia Baoyu dowry Jia Mother money, Lin Daiyu inherit mother Jia Min dowry and Lin heritage are also in jia mother small Treasury.When Jia Baoyu married Lin Daiyu in the future, it was only jia’s mother’s small Treasury that kept the money from the officials.Even if Baoyu found a more suitable family member, Daiyu would have to marry other princes and grandsons, and their betrothal gifts and dowry would still be paid by Jia’s mother, without any official money.This guanzhong refers to the public family property of the Rong Guo Fu, because jia Zheng is the master of the rong Guo Fu, so Jia Zheng has the right to manage and control the property of the Rong Guo Fu.Jia Lian and Wang Xifeng in Jia Zheng’s help management, but not on their own, their husband and wife is the son and daughter-in-law of the house Jia She, they will inherit the rong Guo Fu jue property, that is, the title, Jia She is a general, Jia Lian in the future attack jue is two general.Jia fu married son is to share a part of the family property to live alone, Jia She is a legitimate family to live in the house, the concubine and the other department live outside, ningrong two mansion, such as Jia Yun’s father.Therefore, Wang Xifeng said: “The second girl is from her father’s side, so it does not count.There were three or four, full of beer and ten thousand pieces of silver each.Ring elder brother marriage is limited, spend three thousand taels of silver, where the province of a zizi is enough.”Yingchun was the daughter of Jia She, and the dowry could not be paid by her uncle. Jia Huan was the son of Jia Zheng, so he could use money from the government.However, the money in the official is not jia Zheng a person, he is responsible for supporting the mother of History Taijun and a group of children, and to all the men open wages;Foreign to represent the rongguo mansion banquet in the capital of the powerful family friends, relatives and friends of human contact;But also to supply the palace yuan spring expenses, to cope with the eunuchs autumn wind;He was also responsible for taking care of the ordinary family members in the capital, as well as the clansmen from Jinling, as well as the sacrificial events of the family, the expenses of sacrificial fields and traditional schools, and so on.

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