Buy is to earn, Shenzhen Changan CS95 drop 0.8 million yuan

Today I would like to recommend a car to you: Changan CS95, which is especially suitable for daily use. It is reported that:Shenzhen Changan Automobile Junxiang Shop limited time feedback to users, limited time special 4.55%Changan CS95 interested in friends may wish to personally experience the promotion time from April 03, 2022 to April 03, 2022 Changan CS95 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Shenzhen quotation 2.0T two drive luxury 175,900 yuan 800000 yuan 167,900 yuan 2.0TFour-wheel drive luxury 187,900 yuan 80,800 yuan 179,900 yuan 2.0T Four-wheel drive noble 213,900 yuan 80,800 yuan 205,900 yuan

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