Gaozhou today and tomorrow visible sunshine, but another round of rain in the waiting ground

Since the New Year’s Eve, the average daily temperature of our city is only about 10℃. Compared with the warm Spring Festival holiday in previous years, the temperature of this year is significantly lower with the impact of rainfall, and the humidity is very cold!According to the weather data, guangdong Xidi has been the coldest in nearly a decade. Before the Spring Festival, all the partners who are not cold and have no taste of the New Year do not know whether you are satisfied with the taste of this year?Today is the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the Spring Festival holiday is about half way, cold to doubt life maoming people said: heating up, you hurry!Come back, Sun!We want a warm and sunny Spring Festival holiday!When does the sun appear?Yesterday afternoon rainfall weakened gradually cloudy weather today and tomorrow visible sunshine, but ~ forecast 7-8 another round of rain in the waiting area is expected, our city 5 to 6 days generally cloudy, visible sunshine, temperature rises during the day, morning and evening is still cold, the lowest temperature 8 to 10℃, the highest temperature 19 to 20℃;From 7th to 8th, it will be cloudy and rainy due to weak cold air supplement, and the maximum temperature will drop slightly.Looking ahead to September 9-11, cloudy with occasional drizzle.Attention should be paid to cold insulation and traffic safety.Gaozhou City meteorological station on February 4 at 17:00 issued a specific forecast: 4-5 roughly cloudy minimum temperature 9~11℃ maximum temperature 18 ~ 20℃;6. Cloudy to overcast, with some light rain;7-8 cloudy with moderate rain.The fourth day, the fifth day of the good sunshine began to open everyone travel, visit relatives and friends can be arranged ~ of course, the epidemic prevention work must do oh!Low visibility, slippery road surface, strong wind along the coast and sea during rain and fog, attention should be paid to land and water traffic safety;As the weather continues to be cold, attention should be paid to keeping warm, fire safety and indoor ventilation at home, and carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the use of gas should be avoided.The fourth to sixth day visible sunshine, the weather is suitable for travel.

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