Ginger, vitamins…These prevent and cure alopecia “folk prescription” depend spectrum?

Hair loss and other top of the head problems not only affect the quality of life, but also take a psychological toll.How does ability calculate trichomadesis?The cure of folk trichomadesis “folk prescription”, what is reliable?How does ability calculate trichomadesis?According to Duan Xiaohan, a dermatologist specializing in hair treatment at Tsinghua Changgung Hospital affiliated to Tsinghua University in Beijing, hair loss of 50 to 100 hairs a day is normal, depending on the number of follicles and hair growth cycle.If you lose more than 100 hairs a day, you’re at high risk for hair loss.The proposal might as well spend a week time to observe the number of hair loss every day, but also can be in the hair before washing themselves simply do a “pull hair test”, that is, the hand spontaneous root to the next stroke hair, fall off more than 3 hint hair loss situation in the activity of acute period.What are the types of hair loss?It is understood that hair loss diseases are various, of which the most common is androgenetic alopecia, more common in men.In China, the incidence rate is about 20% for males and 6% for females.Androgenetic alopecia is mainly related to androgen and genetic factors.In addition, resting hair loss is also more common, such as mental pressure, drugs, endocrine system diseases, postpartum, women are more common.Another autoimmune related condition, alopecia areata (commonly known as “ghostly hair”), is also clinically common, with an incidence of about 2%. It can be characterized by oval-like hair loss patches, complete hair loss on the head, or hair loss all over the body.Prevention and cure trichomadesis should note these Shanghai jiaotong university medical college affiliated Ruijin hospital pharmacy deputy director Shi Haoqiang says, clinical go up to androgen sex alopecia, can take orally or external use medicaments to try to treat, if take orally not that androgen amine, degree he androgen amine, snail lactone, annulus third progesterone to wait, or external use minodil etc.In addition, Chinese medicine is also one of the means to deal with hair loss.In addition, the following points should be noted: 1. Traditional Chinese medicine is not toxic side effects. Taking traditional Chinese medicine to produce hair or black hair can also cause many adverse reactions, especially liver injury caused by polygonum multiflorum and its prescription.Many people regard Polygonum multiflorum as the magic medicine for black hair, and blindly believe that Traditional Chinese medicine is non-toxic and abuse, resulting in the serious problem of drug-induced liver injury.2. Ginger for hair loss, be careful some people believe that ginger can cure hair loss.In fact, ginger’s main active ingredient inhibits hair growth by causing apoptosis of dermal cells in the hair follicles.Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and maintaining its normal intake is helpful in preventing and treating hair loss caused by iron deficiency.There is evidence that vitamin D, in addition to its important role in maintaining adequate serum calcium and phosphorus levels, has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects, as demonstrated in hair follicle alopecia in patients with vitamin D-dependent rickets Type 2;Vitamin E is involved in the balance of oxidation and antioxidants to protect the body from free radical damage;The loss of trace elements such as iron, selenium and zinc also has a certain relationship with hair loss, which is also helpful for hair recolor.Although individual studies have shown that maintaining balanced vitamin levels can help hair loss and gray hair, so far there is no authoritative evidence to verify this, so do not blindly take a large amount of vitamin for hair growth.4. Rely on shampoo to treat hair loss, unreliable in the treatment of hair loss, white hair, people often hope that some propaganda with hair, hair prevention components of shampoo.This kind of shampoo belongs to cosmetic, have the action of certain auxiliary protection hair perhaps, but the time that shampoo and hair, scalp contact is very short, impossible will achieve with this black hair, the purpose that prevents trichomadus.Hair loss should be based on their oily skin or dry skin to choose the right shampoo.Oily skin is recommended to wash once a day, and timely clean the skin secreted oil;For dry skin, wash every 2 to 3 days and use a mild, moisturizing shampoo.(Beijing Youth Daily, Life Times)

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