In order to cut the Indian leek, the US started to make up the story that China gave India little margin for error

Despite some misgivings about the strategy of encouraging India to deal with China, in the context of the tense game between China and the United States, the Americans do not have much choice.More recently, Americans have been making up stories about India.Recently, Military Watch, an American defence magazine, offered a rare perspective on Sino-Indian relations.India should give up the Indian-made Arjun tank as China leaves India little margin for error in the new army equipment.India’s expansion strategy and geography, the argument goes, will eventually lead to high tensions with Pakistan and China.Since 2020, there have been serious contradictions between China and India.Against this backdrop of tension, India has focused its energies on developing its domestic defence industry and is preparing to replace the large number of Soviet-made T-72 tanks in service with the Indigenous Arjun.For this behavior, the Americans pointed out that the Arjun tank had an embarrassing past and a lot of problems in development. The development cycle of nearly half a century made it the longest tank project in the world history.To put it bluntly, the technology is not in place and the design concept is backward.No reactive armor, crazy armor increases to match top tanks, sacrificing mobility, heavy and slow.The Indian Army also took a dim view of the “Made in India Light” device in 2018 and commissioned 124 of them only under pressure from public opinion in India.As expected, only 25% of the 124 Arjuns are barely operational.According to common sense, There is no big problem with India aiming at localization of defense industry, according to US media.In the current situation, however, India’s most pressing rival is Pakistan, supported by China, and China.And as a recent flurry of arms sales shows, when it comes to new equipment for the army, China and Pakistan are teaming up and leaving India little room for error.Not to mention, the arjun, Tejas and Vikrant aircraft, which India currently has indigenous equipment, have encountered numerous problems.In fact, there are many voices suggesting that the United States has started to make up stories about Indians, most likely about cutting Indian leeks, and most likely about tanks.It not only drives a wedge between China and India, but also points out the embarrassment of Indian army equipment. More importantly, the mainstream public opinion in India is really following the suit of the Americans. Under the premise of “radicalization against China”, the enthusiasm of the Indian people is certainly not small.India’s imitation of America’s electoral system means that its politicians are bound by the blind will of the people.By the way, a failed project can often lay the foundation for a country’s r&d system.But in India, it’s a little less accurate.For Indian research projects, too long a regular cycle, especially for big projects, is hardly good for India.Both “Arjun” and “Guanghui” are almost cross-century research and development, or a simple piece of equipment.This means that the entire r&d team may need to consume one or even two generations of r&d staff.Even if the project is completed, the young people who have been “trained” as the underdog will be at the end of their R&D career. Not only will there be no training environment for the team, but it may even be a direct loss of staff, or even waste.(Listen to the wind blowing)

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