Low carbon transformation for Shandong Energy Group full of green kinetic energy

Under the goal of “dual carbon”, where should we start to transform coal-based energy enterprises?Recently, the reporter walked into Shandong energy group to explore!A set of key words, such as “wind”, “light”, “intelligence” and “low carbon”, unlock the mystery of green transformation and full momentum of the group.A few days ago, the technical staff of New Energy Company of Shandong Energy Group were particularly busy, racing against time to carry out maintenance inspection of 14 proprietary enterprises, such as Donghua Heavy Industry co., LTD., Shandong Material Business Co., LTD., and calculate the daily grid-connected power generation situation.”Focusing on building a ‘zero-carbon’ industrial park, Shandong Energy’s own rooftop distributed photovoltaic project covers an area of 1.06 million square meters, with a total installed capacity of 105,000 kilowatts and an annual generating capacity of 112 million kilowatt hours. The sales revenue is more than 50 million yuan, which can effectively reduce the internal electricity cost of more than 12 million yuan.Replacing 33,600 tons of standard coal and reducing 87,400 tons of carbon dioxide annually.”The person in charge of Shandong Energy Group introduced that the new energy industry as the main direction of the transformation breakthrough, the group invested 6 billion yuan to establish a new energy company, which was identified as the provincial new energy investment platform to realize the “zero breakthrough” of offshore wind power and distributed photovoltaic development, opening a new era of enterprise renewable energy development.While chasing the light, while treading the waves;Dream deep blue, wind to the sea.In 20 kilometers from the coast of the bohai sea, developed by shandong energy group, the installed capacity of 500000 kilowatts in bohai offshore wind A site project smoothly approved, this is the first par offshore wind project in shandong, project work from start early to get approved, only 99 days, in the domestic offshore wind approved record for fastest.Up to now, the project has completed more than 30 seabed rock sampling sites, and the construction of the largest single offshore booster station in northern China has begun, with full capacity planned to be connected to the grid by the end of 2022.Once completed and put into operation, it will generate 1.7 billion KWH of electricity annually, replace 510,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 1.326 million tons of carbon dioxide.100 boats contend for the highest level of first, thousands of sails race yong jin wins.Focusing on the integrated construction and development of offshore wind power, onshore photovoltaic and new energy storage, the project innovates the new mode of combining offshore wind power, port power consumption and offshore oil production platform power consumption, promotes the deep integration of offshore wind power with offshore pasture, offshore photovoltaic and seawater hydrogen production, and realizes the development of “integrated source network, charge and storage” at sea and land.Digital endowed wisdom mine “All the working face is ready, will start with one key, please pay attention to the field staff!”In the centralized control center of Jiangzhuang coal mine, the operator starts the menu with the mouse, the voice prompt system rings, and the screen shows the rapid rotary coal machine. All kinds of parameters are transmitted in real time, and the equipment runs steadily and orderly.This is the mine 1007 intelligent fully mechanized mining face “one button start” epitome.To promote the fundamental reform of coal mine production mode and reduce personnel, improve efficiency and ensure safety is the “required answer” for the high quality development of coal enterprises.Shandong energy group in intelligent construction as the breakthrough point, unswervingly take “utilize modern science and technology, people were less, no one is” road, mechanization of substitution, is reduced to automation, intelligent unmanned, promoting Internet, big data, new infrastructure, such as artificial intelligence, 5 g and the depth of the coal industry, coal industry leading technology revolution for the fourth time.Up to now, 133 intelligent mining working faces and 24 5G+ intelligent mine application scenarios completed and put into operation by the Group run smoothly.In the future, Shandong Energy Group will adhere to the core position of innovation and development, accelerate the transformation of enterprises to higher quality, better efficiency and better structure with new ideas, new mechanisms and new models, and spare no effort to build safe, green, intelligent and efficient mines.In lunan Chemical Plant area, the reporter saw caprolactam industry chain supporting energy conservation and carbon reduction integration project is being vigorously promoted.The project integrates energy expansion, quality improvement, consumption reduction and carbon reduction. It independently develops the first set of technology in China — multi-nozzle pressurized coal gasification technology, which fundamentally reduces carbon dioxide emission and realizes the upgrading of low-rank coal. It plays an important demonstration and driving role in accelerating the clean, low-carbon and efficient utilization of coal.March 2, Lunan chemical acetic acid, butanol, ethyl ester, polyformaldehyde products were selected into the first “good Shandong” brand list.”From product to brand leap, realize the traditional coal chemical industry to high-end chemical industry and new material field transformation layout, effectively enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, promote the clean and low-carbon development of the enterprise.”Southern shandong chemical controller introduces, anchor “large-scale, high-end, park, terminal” cleaning chemicals, the company strengthen coal conversion and renewable energy, carbon capture and sequestration coupled utilization, optimize the industrial structure, promote clean coal chemical industry product, high efficiency, realize from the fuel to the raw materials, from the carbon to carbon sequestration,It will adapt to the new normal of “dual carbon target”, “dual control of energy consumption” and “dual cycle”.In June 2021, Lunan Chemical was selected into the list of shandong manufacturing industry chain and “chain master” enterprises.At present, the annual production capacity of its main product acetic acid has exceeded 1 million tons, ranking the third in China. Its products are sold to more than 20 provinces in China and exported to Southeast Asian countries.Source: Dazhong Daily

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