The women’s team eliminated Japan on penalties to reach the Final of the Asian Cup.

Beijing time on February 4 evening, women’s Football Asia Cup semi-final.Chinese women’s football team against Japanese women’s football team, both sides of the regular time 2-2 draw.Enter the penalty shootout, The Chinese women’s football team won 4:3, the aggregate score is 6:5, eliminated the Japanese women’s football team!The Chinese women’s football team has reached the final for the first time in 14 years!In this match, the women’s football team was inferior to Japan in overall strength, and the absence of the main force Wang Shuang, completely relying on the tenacious fighting and indomitable spirit, resolutely held on to the end of the extra time, and the goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved two penalties, for the women’s football team to advance to the final of the contribution.This match fully showed the sonorous rose, the spirit of the old women’s football team came back, let us shout The Chinese women’s football team niubu!So we can imagine that the women’s football team will return to China around February 7 and meet the men’s football team in Suzhou. I wonder what will happen?Perhaps the men’s soccer team will be blushing and afraid to look up, but it is also possible that the multimillionaires of the men’s soccer team will be laughing and joking: why do they work so hard and earn as much money as we do?The next final is definitely a championship. China has won eight Asian Cup titles, the most, but the last one was in 2006.In this competition, the Japanese team’s play is commendable.However, in recent years, the overall level of The Japanese women’s football team has declined a lot. It is a golden time for Shui Qingxia to lead the Women’s football team and regain its dominance in Asia.Final against South Korea, the Olympic qualifiers have twice defeated South Korea, so the champion is already in the bag, look forward to sonorous roses triumph!

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