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Zhengdao Group announced recently that it entered into a memorandum of understanding with ZTE Automobile to acquire no less than 51% of the equity interest of ZTE Automobile.On March 31, Xiao Wei, general manager of ZTE Automobile, responded to the incident in an online media conference, saying that “there is indeed contact” with Zhengdao Group, but only in the initial stage.”Being able to attract attention from capital and the outside world also proves the value of ZTE Auto — ZTE Auto has products, resources, bases and ‘1, 5, 6 and 7’ production qualifications,” Xiao said.In order to be able to make a perfect product, we discuss the efforts, there has been no interruption and the capital market and the path between the intention can be translated into practical cooperation, eventually need further negotiation, but whatever acquisition situation development, zte car promise commitment to quality, do to users the best one hundred enterprises and enterprises of beginner’s mind, it will never change.”When it comes to sticking to the original mind, there are few enterprises more qualified than ZTE Automobile: ZTE was founded in 1949, the same age as the Republic, formerly known as Jizhong Automobile Repair Brigade, was injected with military quality and red genes from its inception.In its 73-year history, it has also achieved many no.1 positions in China’s automobile field, and started to independently manufacture cars in 1958.In 1986, China’s first independent intellectual property rights pickup truck was born here.So far, ZTE pickup truck has formed a “Lion tiger series” product matrix consisting of little Tiger 2022, Tiger 2022, Lion 1986 and Lion 1949, especially after the launch of Lion 1949,Zte Automobile has become the first enterprise in China to achieve full coverage from full-size, to medium and high-end commercial and passenger, medium and low-end tool vehicles, and then to entry-level economic pickup trucks, which can meet the needs of different user scenarios such as commercial, household, off-road and so on.At the end of 2019, the “1, 5, 6, 7” production qualification of ZTE Automobile rizhao Factory was approved, and the whole vehicle was put into production. The pattern of division of labor and cooperation and mutual support of baoding and Rizhao production bases was announced.In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, ZTE Automobile chose to hold the media communication online this time.In the morning of the same day, as the live camera moved to change the scene in the factory, Rizhao Base was also shown in front of the screens of nearly 100 mainstream media and we media in China through the cloud.According to reports, Rizhao ZHONGxing Automotive Intelligent industry 4.0 factory began construction in 2017, the registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan, covers an area of 552 acres, with an annual capacity of 100,000 vehicles.This factory is committed to creating intelligent punching, welding, coating and total four processes, with digital as the core drive, combined with big data, Internet of things and other new technologies, to achieve intelligent, customized, precise and flexible production process.Following the live footage, the media community witnessed the process of zte VISHen 1949, vishen 1986 and other products from the initial opening to final assembly, and then assembled and sent to all parts of the country and even overseas.This also confirms xiao Wei’s statement about ZTE’s automobile market at the communication meeting: ZTE’s classic models of Weihu and Xiaotiger series are still widely recognized by users. Since its launch in 1949, Weishi has attracted high attention. At present, all parts of the country orderly start cars, and overseas exports are booming.When it comes to the impact of supply chain problems such as COVID-19 and the lack of “core”, Xiao said:”Faced with ‘core shortage’, car companies are actually in a state of ‘car shortage’ in the market. On the one hand, we buy chips at all costs to meet production needs as much as possible. On the other hand, we arrange production in advance according to market demand.Facing some sharp questions, Xiao Wei did not shy away from answering them openly.The media asked whether the 2.3T engine carried by The Lion 1949 is small, he said, China’s environmental protection requirements are increasingly strict, low displacement and high output of small row quantized scheme has become the inevitable trend of pickup products, lion 1949 diesel version carries Renault/Nissan jointly built 2.3T diesel engine,In the speed range of 1500-2750 can maintain super wide maximum torque output, especially practical for heavy load, escape and other need explosive force of the scene, the gasoline version is equipped with 2.0GDI gasoline engine, to achieve both power and economy of the optimal level, the two engines in the most important low torque range of pickup truck model performance is very good,With high power, there is no compromise in power output.In addition to the low wind resistance coefficient appearance design, lightweight body design, engine calibration and other breakthroughs, achieve both power and energy conservation and environmental protection, not only meet the power needs of the full-size pickup truck, but also comply with the trend of environmental protection, more owners save car costs.When asked whether zte’s engine and other core components are imported from overseas, Xiao wei said, “It is a healthy development direction for upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to closely cooperate and integrate global resources to purchase components.Zte auto chooses parts from outside, but it has its own core technology in calibration, chips, molds and other key aspects.”He took mobile phones as an example. Some injection molding and accessories of Apple and Huawei are produced by their industrial chain partners, but the design and technology are their own.The same is true of ZTE Automobile. The parts are provided by global high-quality suppliers, but the design, mold and software calibration are our own, which is the core technology and competitiveness of ZTE Automobile.In this way, we can not only flexibly choose parts suitable for ourselves, but also get good product strength and satisfactory market feedback from consumers.As the main engine factory of heavy assets, just should focus on its core competitiveness.In the future, ZTE Automobile will stick to the original aspiration, continue to focus on the strategy, with high-quality products and services, consolidate the foundation of the development of the ‘second venture’, to build a ‘century-old enterprise’ goal.”The second venture is an important strategy of ZTE Automobile, which was launched in 2017 and officially announced in April last year.As a low-key and pragmatic company, ZTE Automobile has experienced many ups and downs: it once fell into business difficulties due to the enterprise system, and was even stuck in a state of semi-production due to heavy debts. However, since its bankruptcy reorganization in 2008 and entering a new stage of development, ZTE Automobile has been making great efforts and making steady progress despite its rapid development:In recent years, ZTE Automobile has invested 2.25 billion yuan of its own capital in the research and development of its product system without relying on bank loans and excluding factory and land costs.No one understands better than Xiao Wei the enormous investment and success of enterprise development.When he said at the meeting that “ZTE people do not forget the mission of China’s manufacturing power, to be a respected company, to be the best company for consumers, and to realize the” ZTE “of old ZTE”, “COME on ZTE!”, many participants made emotional comments.”I hope ZTE Auto can achieve the second entrepreneurial goal as soon as possible and write more wonderful stories.”When talking about the enterprise development plan, it revealed zte’s next major move — to adapt to China’s environmental laws and regulations and market demand, will increase investment in the field of new energy.According to him, ZTE Auto is cooperating with the best new energy brands in China to develop extended-range hybrid pickup models. The preparation of relevant hardware facilities has been completed, and the product has entered the trial production stage, which is planned to be put on the market in the first half of next year.In addition, the passenger vehicle platform, including new energy products, five models have also been registered in the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, will be listed in succession.In the 73-year development history, ZTE Automobile has been leading the innovation of the pickup truck industry. We have reason to believe that since ZTE sticks to the original intention of “building a century-old brand with quality”, the pace of the pursuit of innovation and breakthrough will not stop.

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