A Mahjong game

Recently, the 7th Branch of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau successfully detected a fraud case of setting up “mahjong bureau”, captured 8 suspects and solved more than 10 cases, involving a value of more than 300,000 yuan.On December 6, 2021, Su reported to the police that he met a woman on an App and they became wechat friends. The woman invited him to a restaurant the day before.After the meeting, the woman said that the food was too slow to serve at the restaurant, so she made an appointment with two girlfriends. After packing the food, she proposed to play mahjong.Su lost 36,000 yuan in just three hours and 67,900 yuan by the end of the day.Later, a few women disappeared, Su so-and-so to the police.After receiving the report, zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau 27 branch criminal investigation team responsibility area of a squadron after investigation determined that this is an organized, premeditated group fraud case.Police in a variety of clues in the silk, found traces of the suspect.On December 15, 2021, when the police were preparing to carry out the arrest operation, they suddenly found that the group of suspects left Zhengzhou for Wuhan.Due to the impact of the epidemic, cross-provincial arrest operations were blocked, and the investigation of the case was in deadlock.In early March 2022, the police found the suspects sneaking back to Zhengzhou.The 27 branch party committee ordered the immediate launch of major case investigation mechanism, the collection of the branch business police and other elite forces, concentrated on the case investigation.In the early morning of March 10, 6 arrest teams went to Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Xinzheng and other places to arrest gang members, and captured 8 suspects involved.Subsequently, the police through further investigation, found that the “Mahjong plate (bureau)” fraud gang footprint throughout Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Kaifeng and other cities, involving more than 10 cases, involving the value of more than 300,000 yuan.At present, the case is being further handled.Source: Henan Legal Daily

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