A family of 7 all poisoned!He was rushed to hospital in the early hours of the morning

Recently, a woman surnamed Cheng’s family in Changsha, Hunan province, suffered a shocking scene in which all seven members of her family were poisoned.Around 9 PM that day, Cheng’s son and nephew began to feel sick. The family mistakenly thought that the child was too tired from playing.However, at 1 am the next day, Cheng dialled 120 for help when she felt dizzy, tired and her husband started feeling unwell.Patient Ms Cheng: At 1:00 in the morning, it was very uncomfortable to fall asleep, and then my husband began to vomit, and then all kinds of very uncomfortable.Ms. Cheng’s husband, Mr. Xu: The other child also vomited. We thought it was food poisoning. Later, we found that the pain became worse.The family of seven, four adults and three children, fell ill at the same time. Cheng thought it was food poisoning, but the emergency doctor told her it was carbon monoxide poisoning.Ms. Cheng: I was surprised, really surprised, and as soon as I got in the car, the nurse doctor said to me, he said if it was food poisoning, it wouldn’t be so fast, we had carbon monoxide poisoning.Mr. Xu: I’m not sure which part of the problem made us sick. It could be electrical appliances or gas.The next morning, Cheng received the test sheet. Of the seven, her husband and niece were moderately poisoned, while the other five were relatively mild. She was worried about the impact on her children’s health.D: Children, the most afraid of or a damage to brain cells, whether adults or children, his respiratory system, also need to pay attention to, if the poisoning is more severe, may cause pulmonary edema respiratory distress, resulting in a state of hypoxia.Mr. Xu believes that his family closed the doors and Windows when they went out to visit relatives, and did not open the doors and Windows for ventilation after returning home, resulting in indoor air circulation, coupled with the hot water heater at night when taking a bath, there may be carbon monoxide leakage, thereby poisoning the family.Mr. Xu: I’ve been here for six or seven years, and I haven’t touched it.Doctors say carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that makes people feel nothing when inhaled.In order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, indoor as far as possible do not use coal, charcoal fire.Regular ventilation to maintain indoor air circulation, check gas water heaters, liquefied cooking appliances and pipeline facilities, to prevent the possible leakage of aging.

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