Light thick, thick light, human touch is like this

Author: in the southern wind city, every day is a rush of life, I have seen a flash of face, I have also seen the eyes full of depression.The fast pace of life, constantly driving us, reinforced concrete under the chaos of the breath.Rare New Year home, to escape from the city without human flavor of mechanical life.At the end of the twelfth lunar month, beaming red lanterns dot the streets, reflecting thick warmth.The paper scraps of firecrackers left over from the night’s play lie quietly on the ground, and the pale blue sky seems to leave the pale white traces of last night’s fireworks.On New Year’s Eve, mother made several large plates of dumplings and asked me to send them to the neighbors one by one. Each dumpling with fresh meat and lotus vegetables contained the best wishes of our family.On Spring Festival day, bright fireworks lit up the dark sky.Alternate fireworks, bright night, indicating the New Year, good to come around.Neighbors spread their hearts to each other, we stood together in the small window of the stairwell to see the fireworks, see how fleeting time has changed, how to pull our hearts.Everyone’s body is warm, it is the small building fireworks in wanton spread.Think of wood heart once said: “light thick, thick light, human touch is so.”In the “firecrackers in New Year’s Eve”, ushered in the happy reunion of the New Year.In such a grand and lively festival, the most can reflect the flavor of the New Year, human flavor.Once bright lanterns, firecrackers ear mask, the smell of the year is noisy in the long night fireworks;Now thousands of lights, the flavor of the New Year is permeated with the smiling face on people’s faces, is also a happy and pleasant blessing on the mobile phone.A good neighbour is better than a distant relative.Trivial life, accompany you day and night, is these lovely neighbors.In summer, we always hold the watermelon in groups of sitting together cool;Winter days, who stewed a large pot of mutton soup, will go from house to house to send a bowl, taste fresh.If there is someone in need of help, everyone will lend a helping hand and be enthusiastic to help you through difficulties.Neighborhood fireworks are full of hope and make life beautiful.Neighboring fireworks are red, red gorgeous.Warm and soft;Make people comfortable and cheerful, neighborhood fireworks are beautiful, it is full of warmth, moving and hope.Nan Feng, born in a small town in Shaanxi, likes reading and poet Shu Ting, index finger.Love all that is good in the world.

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