Time is small at the moment, enough to push the brows of floating

In a flash, the off-year, dinner is my father made dumplings, a few minutes, ten dumplings belly, in exchange for a “perfect” blessing.I want to get good luck in this year, last night I painted to turn the clock, only to put “Persimmon luck” on the paper, it is a moon night, it is a beautiful memory, it is green tiles white wall, I always miss the fireworks world.I went to bed late at night and was reluctant to get up in the morning. So I got drunk and jumped on my bed. I wandered around for three times, but his growling stomach did not stop me.I looked at him and saw him stand up and put his front foot on my knee. His cute little head snored close to his face and kissed me. I was flattered for a while.I touched his back, said “Happy New Year, my drunk,” kissed his round little head, and got up to face the day.Not satisfactory days, there are small surprises waiting for us, this is generally the mercy of the years.The day’s work finally came to an end with the sky, I stood under the plane tree waiting for the car, looking up at the gloomy sky, sporadic leaves in the cool wind, no meaning to say goodbye, year after year, I gradually found that when the leaves of the plane tree fell, it was the coldest time in winter;When the leaves of the sycamore tree sprout, the warmth of spring really falls on the earth.Late, but more than all flowers and leaves are well versed in the cold and warm season.Compared with looking back, flourishing in the camphor surrounded by red plum, green trees safflower, ying Ying such as lawsuit, as if the years have never withered.Real and unreal, inch erosion heart, are life.At the moment, I am sitting lazily on the futon, listening to songs, drinking my latte, the sun is drying my feet, my fingers are beating life on the keyboard, the sound of rain is beating my heart outside the window, the peace and tranquility of life, there is a touching beauty.Time is small at the moment, enough to push the brows of floating.Original prose essays

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