Electric car owners who violate traffic signals and run red lights are also responsible for their own injuries

Recently, cui XXX (female, 55) driving electric bike, along the YiAn district dongcheng road from east to west, driving to dongcheng avenue sunan big turn check crossroads in violation of the traffic lights, and from north to south of check of XXX (male, 38 years old) driving license plates for anhui GU07 * * small cars collided, causing the car damaged to varying degrees,Choi was injured in a road traffic accident.After scene investigation and video surveillance, Cui ran a red light while driving an electric car across the road, leading to the occurrence of the accident.According to Article 38 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, “vehicles and pedestrians shall pass according to traffic signals;In case of on-the-spot command of the traffic policeman, the traffic policeman shall pass according to his command;On roads without traffic signals, passage shall be carried out under the principle of ensuring safety and smooth traffic.”The party cui xx bears the full responsibility;The party concerned is not responsible for investigating so-and-so.A week of police traffic accidents fierce as a tiger, every road traffic accident, to every family, to the society have brought incalculable harm.However, there are still some people, ignore the road traffic safety laws and regulations, go their own way, resulting in traffic accidents, it is too late.From March 7 to 13, 2022, in one week, the traffic management Brigade of the sub-bureau received 112 reports, including 32 reports from Wusong Squadron of the Traffic Police, 19 reports from Shunan Squadron of the Traffic Police, 11 reports from Zhongming Squadron of the Traffic Police, 5 reports from Tianmen Squadron of the Traffic Police, and 45 reports from the traffic police accident handling squadron.Of the 45 traffic accidents handled by the traffic Police Accident Response Squadron, 44 people were injured in the accidents.Among them, there were 4 unilateral accidents, 6 motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic accidents, 5 non-motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents, 4 motor vehicle and motor vehicle accidents, 21 motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle accidents, and 5 non-motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle accidents.First, every traffic participant should not take any chances. Please obey the traffic rules, drive safely and travel civilized

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