Heart reunion is the year | wear Hanfu New Year, not the same blessing to you

Dahenet news (apprentice reporter Yang Lulu) New Year new weather, every family is busy for the New Year, paste Spring Festival couplets, cut window, hanging lanterns, very lively.And there is such a group of people, they wear colorful clothes, hands and chest, head bowed bow salute, with a special way to send blessings to the global Chinese.”Hello everyone, I’m Xiaoqu, happy New Year to all Chinese around the world……”Dressed in red Hanfu, Xiaoqu is recording a New Year greeting video into a camera.”Sister, you teach me, I also want to bless everyone.”Five-year-old Tangtang, Qu’s younger sister, can’t sit still when she sees her sister wearing Hanfu for the New Year.”My sister likes traditional culture very much. When she was a child, she would dance to classical instruments like pipa.”Xiaoqu told reporters that she recorded the video to wear Hanfu to send New Year’s greetings.The activity of wearing Hanfu and sending Spring Festival greetings was started by a group of young people in Henan Province.They have been wearing Hanfu for The New Year since 2018.Cui Gaomin, organizer of the event, told reporters, “At first we held an offline activity, where people dressed in Hanfu, wrote” fu “, “Spring Festival couplets” and sent blessings.Since last year, we have decided to send New Year wishes in clouds and people will wear Hanfu and record videos to send blessings.””In the first year of last year, we held an online Spring Festival video recording activity, and we received more than 80 videos.There were more than 50 videos released before the Spring Festival this year, and many backstage people sent us videos from all over the country every day.”Jin Yayong, one of the organizers who collects and uploads the video, told the reporter that the event is not only to send blessings to everyone, but also to let everyone know about traditional costumes and culture.”Once the epidemic is over, we hope to hold more offline activities where people get together to learn traditional etiquette, learn about our history and pass on our culture,” Cui said.

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