How does the resident handle individual income tax comprehensive income settlement

Every year on March 1 is a resident individual (taxpayer) began to deal with last year’s individual income tax comprehensive income settlement day.The period for settling individual income tax in 2021 is From March 1 to June 30, 2022, according to a notice on settling Individual income tax in 2021 released by the State Administration of Taxation on February 9.In order to guide the taxpayer to handle the annual settlement reasonably and orderly, the tax authority in charge of the taxpayer shall notify and remind the taxpayer to handle the settlement in a certain period of time by installments.At the same time, this year, the tax department also launched the appointment service, from March 1 to March 15 in the early stage of the annual settlement of taxpayers who need to handle, can log in the mobile personal income tax App from February 16 to make an appointment on any day of the period.From March 16 to June 30, taxpayers can handle the annual reconciliation at any time without making an appointment.In addition, for special groups such as the elderly and those with difficulty in completing the annual settlement independently, they can also apply for personalized annual settlement services to the tax authorities.Which resident taxpayer must deal with annual settlement as we know, including the need to pay tax and the need to refund the two cases.For those who need to pay tax, it refers to the comprehensive income income obtained in the tax year exceeds 120,000 yuan and the amount of tax to be paid exceeds 400 yuan;”Tax refund required” refers to the amount of tax paid in advance greater than the amount of tax payable in the annual settlement and the application for tax refund.Generally speaking, as long as taxpayer at ordinary times already paid tax in advance and annual should tax amount inconsistent, need to deal with annual settlement.However, in order to effectively reduce the burden of taxpayers, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued the Notice on The Continuation of the Annual One-off Bonus and other Preferential Policies for Individual Income Tax, specifying that the policy of exemption from annual settlement can continue to be applied to some middle and low income taxpayers who need to pay tax from 2021 to 2023.If taxpayers need to handle annual settlement for tax payment, they can pay it through online banking, POS machine swiping card of tax service hall, bank counter, non-bank payment institutions, etc.In case of postal declaration and tax payment, the taxpayer shall pay the tax promptly by following the declaration progress through the natural person electronic tax Bureau or the tax handling service hall of the competent tax authority.It is necessary to remind taxpayers who need to pay tax that the amount of tax that needs to be paid in the annual settlement must be paid in full before the end of the annual settlement period, otherwise the tax authorities will charge a late fee in accordance with the law, and mark it in their Individual Income tax Payment Records.It is worth mentioning that the taxpayer due to the error of filling in the declaration information caused by the annual settlement of more or less tax, taxpayers take the initiative or timely correction after the tax authorities remind, tax authorities can be exempted from punishment in accordance with the principle of “first violation of no penalty”.You can choose three ways to handle annual settlement. One is to handle annual settlement by yourself.The other is to handle it on behalf of the employer (including the employer who withholds and pays the individual income tax on his/her remuneration in advance according to the accumulative withholding law).Third, if the taxpayer requests for agency, the unit shall handle it on behalf of the taxpayer, or train or coach the taxpayer to complete the annual settlement declaration and tax refund (supplement) through the natural person electronic tax Bureau (including mobile personal income tax App and web terminal).By the unit to handle the, taxpayers should be with the unit before April 30, 2022 in writing or confirmed that, in the form of electronic and supplement provides its tax year within this unit outside the comprehensive income, deduction, enjoy the preferential tax and other related information, and the information submitted is responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, integrity.If a taxpayer requests the unit to handle the annual settlement on its behalf without confirming with the unit, the unit shall not handle the annual settlement on its behalf.(According to Xinhua)

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