Is pearl plum leaf yellow drop how to return a responsibility

The reasons for the yellow leaves of pearl plum are as follows: 1. One of the reasons for yellow leaves of pearl plum is too much water.Pearl plum growth environment is relatively humid, it is easy to be overwatered, and there will be water in the basin.Soaking in water for a long time will make the root system unable to breathe normally and make the leaves turn yellow.Solution: Loosen the soil on the plant and put it in an airy place to evaporate quickly.Usually should pay attention to the basin soil humidity, to keep the soil dry, watering, prevent leaf yellow.2. Pearl plum is shade resistant and sunshine resistant.The leaves turn yellow in the absence of sun for a long time.The solution: Rejuvenate the plant by placing it in a sunny, well-ventilated area.Additional, also can use water to water flower, or put some of flowerpot around flower bed to increase indoor humidity.This technology can effectively solve the problems of yellow and dry pearl plum leaves.3. When iron or other elements are lacking, its leaves turn yellow.Solution: Add some fertilizers and minerals to the soil to replenish nutrients.This plant has a strong cold tolerance and can survive even at minus 25℃.But in some places, the temperature is too low, and the leaves will fall off.Solution: Place the flower in a warm place and let it heal.Expansion: Pearl plum mainly uses ramet propagation, also can be seeded.But because the seed is small, do not use sowing method generally.Ramet propagation is usually done before spring flowering or after fall foliage.Dig out the seedlings with multiple roots and plant them separately in clusters of 3-5 plants.Apply compost twice in the hole when planting, and water after sowing.During the next week, water can be used once.Until you live.

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