Playboy’s favourite ex-girlfriend claims bunnies are ‘fed up’ and sacked at 28

According to the Daily Star on February 2, Us actress Holly Madison recently took to social media to talk about her experience on reality TV show The Girls Next Door, claiming that bunnies are also hit by career obstacles and that age is too much for them.The show follows Holly, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, all former favorite girlfriends of the late Hugh Hefner, inside the Playboy Mansion.Holly, who lived with Hefner for seven years, revealed that bunnies were “fed on youth” and sacked by the time they were 28, so she started worrying about being left out in her early 20s.The model explained: ‘They always check the bunny list.I’ve seen too many girls get kicked out and then bring in new ones.I was always worried about my age because I heard people say, ‘You’re done at 28.'”For the first three years of living in this environment, Holly told herself she couldn’t leave until she was able to make her way on the outside.With the explosion of the girl Next Door, Holly gradually opened the visibility, but also realized the dream of appearing in the magazine.But it’s worth noting that the first half of the show was recorded for free by the three girls, who didn’t receive any performance money.”They treated us like we were hefner’s children,” Holly recalls. “They thought we should work for him for free because we were all family.Reality TV was just taking off, and we weren’t sure how it would be received.I knew it was a great opportunity, but I still worried about being laughed at and criticized.But then the show went viral and we started getting a bit of a reputation, so we dropped it.”The bunny also said that despite her lackluster appearance in front of the camera at first, the scenes on the show are mostly realistic and the girls are trying their best to play the roles they are given.But Holly eventually left Hefner because she couldn’t stand the “darkness” of the Playboy Mansion, which she described as “a break from hell.”Credit: Daily Star,Bing

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