The 200,000 yuan diamond ring “was thrown” police and the people together through 10 tons of garbage to find

This article was transferred from;On the morning of January 27, Ms. Zhong, who was driving back to her hometown in Yancheng for the Spring Festival, lost two diamond rings, worth 200,000 yuan, while passing through liuhe service area in Nanjing.She called the police as soon as she found her diamond ring missing.But five hours had passed since the incident. Could the rings be recovered?”When we received the report, we immediately contacted the gas station to ask if the garbage was still there,” said Sun Quan, a police officer at Zhuzhen Police Station of Nanjing Liuhe Branch of the Public Security Bureau. “We learned that the garbage had been taken away at 9 PM and taken to a centralized garbage treatment station.”Police looking for diamond ring at the same time, Ms. Zhong family is also driving to Nanjing.Ms. Zhong said, “When I got home and was ready to take the ring, my aunt remembered and threw it into the bag.I was in that trash can at six o ‘clock in the morning.Sun Quan, a policeman from Zhuzhen Police station, Liuhe Branch of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, said: “After several contacts, we learned that the garbage sent from the service area had been compressed and packed into a garbage truck, which was already filled with a lot of garbage, about 10 tons. It was quite difficult to find the two small rings.”At 1:40 PM, Zhong and her family arrived at zhuzhen Garbage sorting and collection station.”When the baby threw up, I grabbed the ring in my hand and put it in a bag with the trash,” chung said. “It was a white plastic bag from home. There was only a toilet paper and a diaper in it.”After consultation, the sorting station staff unloaded the waste on a flat site.Police, Zhong’s family and staff at the sorting station then started looking for the ring.Fifty minutes later, the ring was finally found.”I really found it, thank you,” said Ms. Zhong excitedly.The two rings were found to be free from any damage.The police are reminding the public that they must take good care of their valuables during holiday trips, otherwise it is difficult to find them once they are lost.(Reporter of Jiangsu Media Group · Rong Media News Center/Ni Na zhang Jian/Liu Gongxuan)

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