A shares: break through 4000 points!However, three obstacles remain!

A shares: break through 4000 points!However, three obstacles remain!First, the rules get in the way!It took 10 years for the a-share market to increase from 8 to 1000, and then another 10 years to increase by 1000. It only took 5 years for the a-share market to rise from 2000 to 3000, and then to 4500.But only 13 delisted last year, and the cumulative delisting so far has been no more than 150.In the stock market with listing and financing as the sole purpose, only a large number of stocks will enter and continuously dilute the stock value. The final number of stocks may break through 10000 in the next few years, but the index will stand at 4000 points, which is almost impossible at present.Second, economic obstacles!The main obstacle here is economic structure.As the most powerful existence in the current economy, the real estate industry is bound to finance and a large number of industries, but it has lost the hope of stock investment, lying on the ground for many years, and it is difficult to rise again.Moreover, property is not only tied to finance, but also to a large part of the real economy, as well as policy shifts.Recently, a large number of financial tools and policies have begun to focus on real estate, but such efforts have no effect on the promotion of real estate finance, and further restrict the expansion of other industries, further dragging down the stock market.Third, the Obstruction of the American empire.It is impossible to see the US suppressing A-shares. However, the US suppressing the most growing technology companies in A large number of stock markets almost leads to the market development of A large number of technology companies being blocked, their performance is difficult to improve, there is no motivation for follow-up research and development, and their stock prices are also depressed.The only emerging sectors in the stock market are technology manufacturing and medical research and development, including the development of consumer products with technology content, and there are no other growth areas.And Maotai science and technology is unique, it is the helpless hindered development of science and technology.Of these three obstacles, the first one can be improved quickly, the second one cannot be solved at present, and the third one can only be solved naturally if the first two are solved.After all, the United States will not take the initiative to give way to us, only their own way to break!Finally, will tell about Hong Kong stocks, the near period of time can see here is not the bottom.Or before the point of view, the Hang Seng index back as long as no longer hit a new low, that is, not below 22665, as long as it can rebound, as an opportunity to see.Once the index bottom, what in the general interconnection, biological medicine in CRO those things, basically can hold, there is no much room to fall.The recent trading day trend is also good, the follow-up can maintain on the line.# Stock Comment # For more exciting content, follow the financial old Shepherd boy

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