It just broke $4 billion

At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, China’s film market is bright!According to Maoyan professional, as of 13:16 Beijing time on Feb 4, the total box office (including presales) of the 2022 Spring Festival period (Jan 31 to Feb 6) exceeded 4 billion yuan.Preliminary statistics from the State Film Administration earlier showed that the film market is booming, with box office sales reaching 3.475 billion yuan from the first three days of the lunar New Year as of Feb 3, surpassing 1 billion yuan on average in a single day.It is understood that the eight films screened during this year’s Spring Festival have a variety of themes and genres, providing audiences with diverse choices.”The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” continues the story of “Changjin Lake” and reproduces the great spirit of resisting The United States and aiding Korea;”Miracle · Stupid Kid” is a story about a small person struggling to start a business in Shenzhen, showing the spirit of the Chinese people in the new era.Sniper focuses on an encounter in the war to resist the United States and aid Korea, coldly and temperately showing the bravery, resourcefulness and comradeship of volunteers.In addition, the Four Seas, The Killer Is not Too Cool, Boonies bears: After Earth, Pleasant Goat and big Big Wolf Basket out of the Future, Little Tiger Dun Heroes and other films also meet the different needs of the audience.In the interview, the audience generally reflects that the quality of this year’s Spring Festival films is excellent, and the selection is strong, which has greatly enriched people’s spiritual and cultural life during the festival.Wen Muye, director of Miracle and Stupid Kids, said the diversity of Chinese films during the Spring Festival is not only a remarkable achievement of The development of Chinese films in recent years, but also a manifestation of the current flowering of film creation, which is delightful.In particular, compared with previous Spring Festival festivals, this year’s Spring Festival is characterized by the emergence of new mainstream films as an important pillar of the film market, with both word of mouth and box office success.By the end of the third day of the New Year, the box office of the three new mainstream films, such as Watgate Bridge of Changjinhu, Miracle · Stupid Kid and Sniper, reached 2.025 billion yuan, accounting for 58.26% of the market. The audience generally gave high comments and received a large number of recommended comments from “Tap water”, and relevant topics occupied an important position in the hot list.Huang Jianxin, chief executive producer of Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake, said that the mainstream cultural values of the Chinese nation are good, upward and forward to the future, and the new mainstream movies are in line with the cultural values recognized by the majority of the people, so they get great attention, high reputation evaluation and good box office performance.Source: Hubei Daily layout planning: Guo Xiufen proofread: Duan Lei first read: Wang Wenyan first review: Zhang Yi final review: Alateng statement: unauthorized, prohibit reprinting, the use of this public number original article.Reprint please indicate from Hohhot Daily official wechat;This platform reprinted content source network part, involving infringement please contact delete.News hotline: 0471-6564007 Advertising hotline: 0471-6564037, 6564007

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