Spring Festival is all about sleeping and playing on your phone?The eye clinic at the hospital is a little busy after the holidays

Just after the Spring Festival holiday, the number of outpatient clinics of Zhejiang Eye Hospital (Wenzhou Medical University Optometry Hospital) in Hangzhou reached a new high.At the optometry clinic, parents take their children to check their eyesight and check the OK mirror to prepare for the school opening.Fundus disease center, because the Spring Festival drinking caused fundus vascular problems to see a lot of patients.Optometry clinic a few joy a few sorrow have children two years eye axis a child a winter vacation eye axis long 0.1mm2 on 9 is the provincial eye hospital Hangzhou district optometry center attending physician Chen Siping’S OK mirror clinic.At 3:40 p.m., a 16-year-old boy came in, Zhou Zhou.After examination, Dr. Chen found that Zhou zhou’s eye axis was 0.1mm long.Axial length refers to the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball, which is only 16-17mm at birth and 23-24mm on average in adulthood.Myopic patient eye axis lengthens, myopic degree can deepen, normally lengthen 1mm, the likelihood increases 250-300 degrees of left and right sides myopic.”This winter vacation is not obedient, mobile phone to play more.Doctor aunt to criticize you oh, you see, a winter vacation eye axis long 0.1mm.””Well, one winter holiday every day on the phone, is a little ‘out of control’, not listen to talk.”The side of the mother heard the results of the examination, a little worried.Zhou Zhou is an “old patient” of Dr. Chen, who began to see Dr. Chen’s clinic 10 years ago and had his eyesight corrected with AN OK lens.From the 175 degree myopia that just began to 425 degree myopia now, degree of 10 years time increased 250 degrees only, equivalent to increasing 25 degrees every year, it is controlled quite well.But this winter holiday, week by week control is not so good.”After the Spring Festival, we have many such children in the optometry clinic. During the Spring Festival, they play with their mobile phones and computers for too long, which their families can not manage. As a result, their myopia has been deepened in a short time.”Chen Siping said.But there are also “top students”.Yesterday, Chen’s clinic saw a 12-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy.”Both children began to wear OK glasses in April 2020. The girl’s eye axis has not grown at all in two years, and the boy’s eye axis has only grown 0.1mm, which keeps well.”Soon to start school, Dr. Chen reminds parents to do two things — 1. Before the school begins to take children to test a vision, if there is myopia, timely correction;On the first few days of school, ask your child, “Can you read the blackboard clearly without squinting?”2. Children with OK glasses should have regular check-ups every three months. Doctors can find some problems that parents and children cannot find.A 50-year-old man woke up “wind in his eyes” and missed 90 minutes of golden treatment time. The outpatient clinic of optometry treatment center was very “rough”, and the expert clinic of the ophthalmic diseases center of Zhang Yun, deputy director of the doctor, also declined to idle, and the patients who came to see the doctor after the Spring Festival were also one after another.”Doctor Zhang, my left eye lost sight two days ago, can it be saved?”On February 7, zhang Yun, deputy director physician of ocular fundus Disease Center of Hangzhou Hospital of Provincial Eye Hospital, was in an expert clinic. His family accompanied the 50-year-old Yu into the clinic.”Our local hospital can’t handle it. Come back to you.””Added the anxious relatives.”Take your time.”Zhang Yun let Lao Yu sit down, smooth mood, while carefully understand the medical history.It turned out that Lao Yu liked to drink and had a history of hypertension and abnormal blood lipids for many years, but his control was unstable.This Spring Festival, Lao Yu visited relatives and friends and drank a lot of wine with almost every meal. On February 5, he woke up and found that his left eye was completely black and he could not see.At first, Lao Yu did not pay attention to it, until that afternoon, still could not see, then rushed to the local hospital ophthalmology treatment.The blood pressure measured before diagnosis showed that The high pressure of Mr. Yu was 240mmHg and the low pressure was 180mmHg. The index was off the charts!Such high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage and other accidents may occur at any time, the doctor did not dare to delay, quickly transferred To the emergency room to control the blood pressure, to wait for the blood pressure stability, the ophthalmology clinic for further examination, the doctor found that The retinal artery occlusion, the situation is very critical, suggested that he go to the superior hospital for further treatment.After listening to the description of the medical history of old Yu, Zhang Yun, deputy director of the doctor’s heart “clunking”, “delayed for so long, the patient is afraid it is difficult.”She arranged for A fundus angiography and color fundus photography, and found that the retinal artery in his left eye had been completely blocked and there was no blood flow.Which meant that Yu’s sight could never be saved.”Like heart attack or brain attack, blocked retinal arteries are an ophthalmic emergency that requires a race against time.The golden time for treatment is 90 minutes, more than which can cause permanent retinal damage.”Zhang Yun, deputy director of the doctor said.In addition to retinal artery occlusion, retinal vein occlusion and diabetic retinopathy are also common retinal vascular diseases.”China is a large country with diabetes, with one in 10 adults having diabetes and one in three diabetic patients having diabetic retinopathy.Retinal vein occlusion is the second most common retinal vascular disease after visual loss due to diabetic retinopathy, and the prevalence increases with age.”Zhang Yun, deputy director of the doctor said.The probability of vision recovery of Lao Yu’s left eye is almost zero, Zhang Yun, deputy director of doctors sigh, also want to remind you, pay attention to the screening of fundus disease, early diagnosis and early treatment.”Every year after the Spring Festival, there is a peak of retinal vascular diseases, mainly caused by irregular sleep and diet, especially excessive drinking and emotional.People with basic chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes should be careful not to be too ‘presumptuous’ during the Spring Festival.”In January, a 50-year-old woman suddenly lost sight of her right eye.This Spring Festival, many people choose to stay in Hangzhou, Ms. He is no exception, because relatives are in nearby cities, she can not go to relatives, she chose to stay at home to brush the mobile phone, has not had time to watch several TV dramas saved in the phone just to enjoy.From the first day of the first lunar month to the fourth day of the first lunar month, except for eating and sleeping, Ms. He would not leave her mobile phone in her hand wherever she went, her eyes glued to the screen to follow the story. When she swiped her mobile phone on the fourth night of the first lunar month, she suddenly felt that she could not see more and more in her right eye.In the early morning of the fifth day, Ms. He was accompanied by her family to the Department of Ophthalmology of Zhejiang Litongde Hospital.Miss He went into the consultation room and complained, “Doctor Wang, my right eye suddenly disappeared yesterday, what should I do?”Wang Bin, deputy chief physician to understand the condition, gave Ms. He made a detailed eye examination, fundus examination found that the right eye retinal vein tortuous expansion, large bleeding, flame;OCT revealed edema in the macula of the right eye, requiring immediate treatment to save vision.Wang Bin, deputy chief physician, diagnosed central retinal vein obstruction in her right eye, and immediately performed vitreous injection of anti-VEGF needle in her right eye, combined with microcirculation improvement and vasodilator drug therapy.Three days later, Ms. He came to the outpatient clinic of Deputy chief physician Wang Bin, indicating that her vision had significantly improved. The deputy chief physician Wang Bin told Ms. He that vitreous injection should be performed once a month for at least three consecutive months, and necessary retinal laser and other treatments should be carried out according to the subsequent situation.Lie on your side to play mobile phone oppression to the eyes is very big To vision loss and even “in the eyes of the wind” from deputy chief physician, brush cell phone for a long time watching video, before sleeping in bed for a long time to play with mobile phones, especially when lie on your side to play mobile phone, the oppression of the eye is very big, will lead to insufficient blood supply, a long time, the eyes will acid bilges feeling, cause short-term sexual image overlap, easily lead to decreased vision,Even left and right eye degree is different.However, at the beginning of the eye wind is just because the eyes blurred a lot of people do not think of it, think with eye fatigue rest after a few days, but missed the best time for treatment, leaving a lot of sequelae.As a result, staring at a phone for a long time in the dark can easily strain the eye muscles, affect the ability to focus, and can lead to a blockage of blood vessels in the retina, known as “eye wind”.Wang Bin, deputy director of doctors remind you, because retinal vein occlusion caused by macular edema time, the longer the treatment effect is worse, the more difficult to recover vision.If retinal vein occlusion delays for a long time, it is easy to cause refractory glaucoma or a large number of vitreous hemorrhage, which increases the difficulty of treatment and has a very poor prognosis of vision.Patients in all ages, often monocular onset, left and right eye incidence no difference.The treatment of eye wind is mainly from the source, control causes: such as control of hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis or inflammation, and actively treat macular edema, ischemia, neovascularization and other complications caused by retinal vein obstruction.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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