Guangxi 2022 railway construction: Hepu Zhanjiang high-speed railway, Nanning Chongzuo urban railway, Guilin Qinzhou Port Highway

Guangxi sets plans and targets for road and railway construction in 2022!In 2022, Guangxi will continue to push forward the construction of three projects, namely huangtun-Baise Railway, Hepu-Zhanjiang high-speed railway, and Cenxi – Luoding Railway.Two projects, nanning to Chongzuo intercity railway and Nanning International Airport comprehensive transportation hub project, have been completed.The construction of the High-speed railway from Nanning to Shenzhen (in Guangxi) will be extended to 7 other projects.Will start a new road in longsheng to portal (longsheng to map of rongan section) and so on one batch of highway projects, the mileage of 2000 kilometers, the extension to heng Lin on the first phase of highway projects, strive to build guilin to the port of qinzhou road (such as nanning six scene to binyang section) project, built more than 800 km highway mileage, the highway traffic total mileage reached 8000 kilometers.We will comprehensively upgrade and upgrade ordinary national and provincial roads, and carry out the project to improve the service capacity of ordinary national and provincial roads under the new western land-sea corridor. By the end of this year, 420 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial roads will be open to traffic, and more than 76% of ordinary national and provincial roads will be grade II or above.The Hepu-Zhanjiang high-speed railway is located in the southern coastal area at the junction of Hepu and Guangdong province in Beihai City. The line starts from Hepu County in beihai city in the west, passes pingyang Town, Fucheng Town, Zhakou Town, Baisha Town and Shankou Town in the east, and enters Qingping Town and Hengshan Town in Lianjiang City in Guangdong Province, and leads into Zhanjiang Hub from the north side of Suicxi County.The total length of the main line is 137.82 km, and the length of the connection line is 25.97 km (north Sea connection line), including the Guangxi section of 63.62 km, with a land area of 4025 mu. The estimated total investment of the project is 21 billion YUAN.The railway is classified as high speed railway, the number of positive lines is double, and the speed target value is 350 km/h.After the completion of the beihai to Zhanjiang only 30 minutes, to Guangzhou only 2.5 hours.Hepu County is the only coastal county in Guangxi, which has superior location and is also a big economic county in Guangxi.With three high-speed intercity railways (Yulin to Beihai intercity railway, and Nanning to Beihai intercity railway) converging in Hepu County, and the beibu Gulf International Airport planned for construction is also located in Hepu County, it can be said that Hepu County will develop and build itself into the top economic county in Guangxi in the future, with more and more confidence.Takashi south railway is “One Belt And One Road” and western Lu Haixin channel of the construction of the important transportation infrastructure, east line nanning station, via Wu Wei old airport, helped inhibitor, the canal, eventually to worship left south station a total station 4, 9, 119.3 km design speed of 250 kilometers per hour, planning and transport capacity of 20 million people per year, the plan was completed in 2022.After the official opening, Chongzuo will be connected to the Guangxi high-speed railway network, and the travel time between Nanning and Chongzuo will be reduced from the current two hours to half an hour.Guilin to Qinzhou Port Highway (yongfu Sanhuang to Liuzhou section) is an important section of “7 vertical lines” in “1 ring, 12 horizontal lines, 13 vertical lines and 25 links” in guangxi Expressway Network Planning (2018-2030).”Vertical Line 7″ is a regional sub-trunk connecting Guilin international tourist resort and Beibu Gulf city group. It is the need of gradually constructing and implementing Guangxi Expressway Network Planning (2018-2030), perfecting and optimizing the existing Guangxi expressway network, and giving full play to the connectivity effect of expressway network.Its construction will further improve the Guangxi expressway network and the pan-Pearl River Delta regional network, in addition through the liucheng to Guilin expressway connection, liuzhou city and Guilin city of the second important expressway, reduce the pressure of the current Guiliu expressway.The high-speed construction will not only make it more convenient for Guilin people to travel, but also further promote the development of Guilin!

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