Hancheng Party secretary Kang Zhenfeng checks the Spring Festival security work

Party secretary on January 31, the lunar New Year’s eve, Seoul KangZhenFeng came to the city public security bureau, the supervision inspection during the Spring Festival the people’s livelihood security situation, visit sympathy for work in a line of police officers, over the past year to everybody want to thank you for the contribution to the development of the Seoul encouraged everyone to go all out to do during the Spring Festival each service security work,To ensure that the people of the city have a safe and peaceful Chinese New Year.Municipal standing committee, executive vice mayor Zhang Jingfeng, the city commission office is mainly responsible for comrade inspection and condolences.In the public Security Bureau 110 command center, Kang Zhenfeng detailed understanding of the current general situation of social security and the Spring Festival during the public security on duty arrangements, fully affirmed the past year in the public security front in the 14th Games, celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Party and other major activities as well as to maintain the city’s security and stability made positive efforts and contributions.He hoped that in the New Year, everyone will continue to carry forward their fine style, stick to their posts, strictly perform their duties, constantly improve the ability and level of emergency response, and make solid progress in fighting crime, maintaining public order, serving the masses and other work.During the Spring Festival, on the premise of regular epidemic prevention and control and ensuring city security, police officers on duty should be arranged in a scientific and thorough way to safeguard social security and stability as well as the happiness and peace of the people.Source: Hanseong Ilbo

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