IPhone SE2 upgrade iOS15.3.1: slow power down, improved battery life, can be upgraded

IOS15.3.1 official version has been released for 4 days, many friends are asking their iPhone SE2 can upgrade?Today to share with you iPhone SE2 upgrade iOS15.3.1 official version experience experience to share for your reference.Battery life in recent days the use of observation, iPhone SE2 night standby power down only about 3%, before the last version of power down about 5%, brush today headlines 1 hour power down about 6%, before the version of power down 7%-10%, this update does improve battery life, more power saving.As a mobile phone two years ago, the hardware configuration is not outdated this year. Upgrading to the official version of iOS15.3.1 does not bring negative optimization, but makes the whole machine run faster, sliding any interface does not drop the phenomenon of frame lag.Fever can be obviously felt when playing games in iOS14, even if there is a certain amount of heat when using social software without playing games. After upgrading to iOS15.3.1, fever in games and fever in daily social software have been improved a lot.When the game is upgraded to iOS15.3.1, there is almost no 460 lag when playing king, as there was an occasional 460 lag on wifi and 4G networks.Signal aspects of the last version of iOS15.3 signal than iOS14 improved a lot, iOS15.3.1 official version of the same signal performance is very good, no matter where many people have 3-4 grid signal, network speed significantly improved some.Above is iPhone SE2 upgrade iOS15.3.1 after the official version of the feeling is only for your reference, the same model upgrade after everyone’s feelings are different, it is recommended that the same model iOS14 above can be directly upgraded.

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