Long story short: When is the best time to take blood pressure medicine

Now people more and more busy, sometimes want to long to read, but time is not enough, sometimes just in the car, lunch break, pre-dinner fragmented time to read, such as long is obviously not appropriate, followed by the majority of cardiovascular disease in the elderly, the crowds have some memory decline, long read down easy to forget, short, each about a point,Easier to learn and master.1. Antihypertensive drugs can be divided into three categories: long, medium and short acting. Most of the long-acting antihypertensive drugs are once a day, while the medium acting antihypertensive drugs are taken twice a day.Short-acting antihypertensive drugs should be taken 2-3 times a day.2. Long-term antihypertensive drugs are the best choice for long-term treatment of hypertension patients, at least the effective antihypertensive drugs should be selected, and the short-acting drugs should not be used as routine treatment.3. Most patients with hypertension are dipper type with regular blood pressure fluctuations. Antihypertensive drugs are taken once a day.If the blood pressure is reverse arytenoid, evening medication is recommended.4. If you take medicine in the morning, the antihypertensive effect is not ideal in the afternoon, and there are dizziness and brain distension, accompanied by elevated blood pressure, you can carry out 24-hour ambulate blood pressure examination to determine the peak time of blood pressure, and take medicine 1 hour before the peak time of blood pressure.5. If amBUlate blood pressure monitoring shows high blood pressure for a short period of time, such as 1-2 hours, accompanied by symptoms, and the average blood pressure and blood pressure load are normal, short-acting antihypertensive drugs can be used, taken 1 hour before the peak. More experts recommend non-drug therapy for better treatment.6. Most antihypertensive drugs have no obvious side effects on gastrointestinal tract, so it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach, not at the same time with food, in order to avoid unstable absorption of drugs affected by food.7. If the blood pressure fluctuates irregularly, or if the blood pressure medication is taken once a day and cannot be controlled throughout the day, you can take it twice a day instead. When is the peak time and when is the strongest blood pressure medication taken?8. If there are problems such as snoring, it often causes hypertension within a few hours after getting up in the morning. Hypertensive patients are difficult to control within 2-3 hours after getting up in the morning.To make a long story short – Hypertension: The Three Factors that Determine High and Low Blood Pressure What Causes Hypertension How to correctly diagnose hypertension What are the accompanying problems of hypertension and how to check it out

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