【 Spring Festival Essay Activity 】 Trans-century predestination

It has been 30 Spring Festival since I started to look forward to my parents buying me new clothes, and now I have become a new mother to meet their children’s expectations. I have to sigh with emotion that time flies.Habitual say big year 30, until today someone corrects me to say there is no 30 night this year, 29 is New Year’s Eve.Thoughts were pulled to the last one without the memory of the New Year’s day.It was the Spring Festival in 2000, itself is just an ordinary Spring Festival, but because it is a year across the century, has been given a special significance, more special is not 30 nights, 29 years is New Year’s Eve.According to the custom, the whole family will go to the bathhouse to take a bath on the night of 28, and they can put on new clothes and shoes on New Year’s Eve.Sleeping on fresh, clean sheets, waiting eagerly for the morning to come.The morning of New Year’s Eve I was looking forward to finally arrived, but the whole family was nowhere to be found. My 10-year-old self put on new clothes and shoes, wondering if my sister had been born.Fortunately, the hospital is not far from home, to see the familiar doctor aunt, she kindly took me to the mother ward, that is the first time I saw my sister’s scene, round big eyes, like black grapes, lovely, my father said to give my sister a name.It is also funny to think that a 10-year-old child could understand that just because it is winter, the word cold became her name.And my family members have since added her.For more than 20 years, the feeling is just a moment, from ignorant to graceful, she is no longer the little girl who followed me fart fart, she will become a dental doctor in the near future, will have their own family, have their own children, time does not abandon, the future is predictable.The Spring Festival is very ordinary, because you are worth remembering.(Xu Fan, Second Procuratorial Department)

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