Taikang Life insurance so far the highest compensation case, 17.17 million yuan fast payment

Dongying report recently, Taikang Life insurance so far the highest compensation case successfully concluded, Beijing branch quickly pay 17.17 million yuan.The high quality and efficient service has been praised by customers and established taikang claims service brand reputation.Mr. Li (pseudonym) husband and wife from the young business, the two married together for many years, finally set a career.Struggling for half a life, they have a high demand for wealth growth accumulated in their life, and also have a good hope for their old life quality.In 2019, Mr. Li and his wife visited Taikang Yanyuan Pension Community under the introduction of taikang’s agent. Facing the warm living environment, thoughtful service system, rich entertainment life and intelligent pension experience, Mr. Li and his wife developed a great interest in Taikang Pension Community.Through thoughtful consideration, then bought the Taikang life insurance product that docking provides for the aged community for each other namely: Taikang xin fu annuity insurance (share out bonus model), Taikang honour wins life insurance (all-purpose model), preparation is in Taikang endowment community hand in hand together, spend forthcoming happy old age time.After Mr. And Mrs. Li purchased the insurance, the business staff kept close contact with them and provided them with intimate services. At the same time, Mr. Li also learned deeply about taikang’s products and services from outside news.In line with the demand of wealth appreciation, Mr. Li chose to add universal insurance account in July 2019 to increase the original guarantee amount.When Mr. Li was invited to participate in taikang High object examination service, he found abnormal liver function indicators, and was diagnosed as liver cancer after further medical examination.Unfortunately, despite the thorough physical examination service, the cure rate of liver cancer was low. After several years of active treatment and careful care, Mr. Li passed away in February 2022.Taikang Life Insurance started to settle claims immediately after receiving the report. On the one hand, it comforted and cared for customers’ families through “carnation visits”, and on the other hand, it constantly accelerated the process of settling claims in advance.Finally, with the combined total score of Taikang Life Insurance and the efforts of many parties, on March 7, the family of the customer was successfully paid death insurance of 17.17 million yuan.At this point, The Beijing branch successfully completed the payment of taikang Life insurance since its establishment of the highest death compensation case, for this family ignited the hope of continuing life.Mr. Li’s departure is sad, Mr. Li and his wife advance configuration of insurance protection is gratifying.Because Taikang insurance products make the funds safe and flexible, and combine with the innovation of old-age community services, Mr. Li’s family can inherit the wealth and continue to enjoy taikang’s security and health services.In the future, Mr. Li’s wife will also be able to receive high-quality care at Taikang Home Nursing Community.Insurance is a guarantee, but also the continuation of love.Taikang Life will continue to protect every customer and wish more and more customers and families can live longer, healthier and richer with the company of Taikang Life.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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