Yang Yuhuan in-depth teaching (details/perfect combination/control skills)

Hello, I’m Tze.Huanhuan’s charm lies in the wind, national service list a Yang Yuhuan, the strategy to bring you huanhuan teaching strategy, skill details, advanced recruitment and control ring skills, if you want to become fuqin salvation of huanhuan, this strategy must be taken.The specific content of Yang Yuhuan is the following four aspects: Output principle (core output/precise control/release timing) Basic combination (perfect combination:412A1A31A42) loading inscriptions (inscription selection/loading analysis) Actual combat School (ring control skills/two cases) Part 1 Output principle 01 Skill analysis Yang Yuhuan is a team method core with dual forms and economical, at the beginning of the four skills can switch the blue and green state,[Fixed] Blue keeps circle at maximum damage and still restores health with all three abilities.When the circle switches to green, it reduces its own damage but gains health regeneration, meaning that in addition to the three abilities, one or two of the circle’s abilities can regenerate health for your hero.Detail 1: Core output enhancement General Attack Yang Yuhuan 1 ability sonic wave can damage and slow down three targets, and will also be added to the line of monsters additional damage;Once cast, the circle’s next general attack will be enhanced, not only doing additional damage to the target, but also reducing the cooldown of all its abilities by 1 SEC. The target can be any unit of its choice.Ring a skill to strengthen the general attack range, more general attack range far;Loop’s ability can be empty, that is, it can directly trigger strong without hitting the target and the strong lasts for 5s. The loop can not only empty a tower quickly when pushing, but also empty a store of strong in advance when turning the line, in order to maximize approach damage.Huanhuan 1 skill cooling is fixed 6s, much shorter than the second skill cooling, when huanhuan in their own needs a little recovery, usually in the green state to choose to use air to restore blood, rather than the second skill;In addition, the first skill is the main damage ability of the circle, the circle skill point order is 1, 1, 2, there are 3.33.If the target’s starting position is directly inside the ring, the ring will deal a direct damage to the target. If the target is still inside the ring after 1.5 seconds, the ring will not only damage the target, but also control it for 0.75 seconds.The first damage of The second skill is often difficult to accurately balance in actual combat. It is suggested to pursue the second damage and control hit ratio of the second skill.According to the above analysis, the release skill of ring two skills is quite important. How to use the short acceleration after the release of skills to ensure the precise control of the two skills will be the content interpretation of the third part of the actual combat school.When Yang Yuhuan releases the three skills, she will be in an unselected state. During this time, she can adjust the current position by moving the wheel and flashing.Huan Huan can be first two and then three, but can not be first three and then two, and huan Huan 3 skill due to a long cooling period and can protect themselves, the release time can be based on three principles: first, the deadly threat has to be released;Second, no problem with three fill-up kills;Third, make sure you save your teammates safely.In addition, huan Huan can regenerate health for his own line, but only for the three skills in blue and green, and the first and second skills in green can only regenerate health for himself and his teammates, not for his line.Yang Yuhuan’s blue and green states are different from Li Xin’s double forms. Li Xin’s light and dark are two completely different mechanisms, while Huan Huan’s two states are only differentiated in damage level and skill regeneration.The two states of the ring need to be switched by four skills, which come with the start of the match and do not need to be upgraded and do not cost mana. The cooldown of this skill is fixed 3s.Generally speaking, the ring is mainly in blue state to maximize its own damage. If your own pressure tower needs to continue to pull consumption, the ring can switch to green at the right time according to the group status to provide gain recovery.02 basic basic LianZhao LianZhao jade bracelet to a1a, 2 a1a3 or 213 a, two skills to accelerate the melee first, then join subsequent damage is not complicated, according to the circumstance and the subsequent advanced LianZhao is extended on the basis of this, need to pay attention to three aspects: one for empty one card in advance of intensive attack, secondly, reasonable cohesion between skills, three skills for timely collocation.Jade bracelet, 12 a1a3, single target, the LianZhao based LianZhao advanced: one inside empty one card out ahead of time is strong at first, then the skills to accelerate the melee targets, with control of the strong cohesion, for the first time, at the same time while a skill just refresh, may pick up again a skills to strengthen, the last big harvest or hide injury, and after the big recruit a skill will refresh again.Inside out to calm the boots with twilight flow, can have cooled down 25%, and a skill for fixed cooling 6 s, under the equipment blessing, inside a skill cooling is 4.5 s, if again to the sage book equipment cooling reached 35%, at this time inside a skill cooling only 3.9 s, a strong skills at both lower than the survival time of 5 s,This will allow huan Huan to use advanced combos with smooth skill cohesion.When looped out of the wand, the two strong hits of this combo also add two more passive critical hits;This is because the cooldown of force is 3s and the cooldown calculation method is to enter the cooldown period after triggering, while the time difference is usually greater than or equal to 3s or is intentionally stuck in the process of connecting the two skills with the double strength of the wand of sorcery after obtaining the double strength in advance. In this way,Each of these two spells can be paired with a passive strike from either the Shining sword or the wand of witchcraft.To sum up, let’s deeply interpret a practical case of Yang Yuhuan’s single kill: Huanhuan, 412A1A31A42, Yueyue Tower killed Wu Zetian;Ring has not yet formed a wand of sorcery, only a shining sword.4: Switch from green to blue to maximize subsequent damage;1: A passive power strike with an empty card and a brilliant sword;2A: Skill acceleration close in, double strong pu of skill equipment;1A: a combination of skill and skill equipment that happens to refresh;3: Cast three abilities to repair damage and avoid damage.1A: Catch the second refresh of a skill, and skill equipment double strong pu Yue tower strong kill Wu Zetian;Cut back to green, speed two to evacuate and restore health.The interpretation of the actual combat case, is to disassemble the details of the ring, and to maximize the damage of their own ring, it is necessary to master the details of each of the disassembly points.The three skills of Huanhuan can be combined with flash to improve the operation space, the first skill can only flash one, while the second and third skills can release the skills and then flash, namely second and third flash.Part 2 Inscription mount 01 Sword Wind Inscription Mount: 10 Hunt 10 Mind eye 10 Nightmare Yang Yuhuan inscription selection for the mage regular hunt 88 armor, provides 16% inscription attack speed.The core four pieces of Yang Yuhuan are the boots of calmness, the stream of sunset, the wand of witchcraft and the book of the sage.If the enemy lineup control more, can be in the wand of witchcraft first fill the boots of resistance, but also to the book of the sage to fill, according to the other lineup and for their own situation to match.Next, In the choice of the fifth and sixth pieces of equipment, Yang Yuhuan can choose more: if the opponent has high recovery heroes such as CAI Wenji and Cheng Zhujin, the fifth piece can be a direct nightmare, and the sixth piece can be the scholar’s anger, virtual can’t stick or echo stick.If the enemy for regular team and ensure maximum damage, the fifth choice pundits fury, 6 pieces of collocation can’t rod, if in the enemy started out corresponding to the sage book magic resistance, can also be fifth to tonify deficiency cannot staff first, if the person is always nothing magic resistance and more crispy, the sixth pick echoed the rod of instantaneous second c.If the enemy squad is relatively heavy or short, Yang Yuhuan can also directly choose the fifth echo staff, the sixth can choose ominous, witch cloak or heat dominator to improve the living environment, so that the Yang Yuhuan is not high damage, but a large space for pulling and operation.The main source of Yang Yuhuan’s damage comes from a skill and the enhanced general attack after it is released, especially the double strong general added by a skill and sorcery staff.Therefore, we can pay proper attention to the attack speed threshold of Ring ring. Since ring ring will not choose equipment with attack speed attribute, it only relies on its inscription 16% attack speed and 1% attack speed per level growth. The second attack speed of Ring ring is 17%, and it can be stuck at 16.6% attack speed and feel better after operation.By level 12, Huanhuan was at 27%, stuck at 26.2%, and still stuck at the same rate until level 15.02 Summoner skills recommendation: flash the third part of actual combat school actual combat 1 1 Control ring skills three sets of body method body method 1The two skills of Yang Yuhuan in the ruyingsuixing card ring have 1.5s casting forward shake, ring can be adjusted in time according to the other position during the period of the two skills to accelerate the use of the two skill position, to ensure that the control area of the ring can accurately cover the target, that is, the center line of the two skills ring and the enemy target position as far as possible.In simple terms, it is based on the direction of enemy displacement, the enemy moves, the enemy does not move, I do not move, in order to achieve accurate control of two skills.Yang Yuhuan, 21A kill Ying Zheng;According to ying Zheng’s current position, Huanhuan continues to adjust the control area of the two skill rings. With the help of the first skill, it can accurately control the retention.Because Yang Yuhuan’s second skill has a long casting forward swing, Huanhuan can avoid the skill forward swing of losing the ring by using the common sight of the card, so as to ensure that the target can be controlled in the first time when entering the field.Ring Ring, 12A1A3, kill horse by force;Huanhuan ambush the grass in advance, first empty a card out of skill and brilliant sword double strong pu, then open two blocked vision to speed up close, after the instant control of Marco, then connect a skill and double strong pu to harvest it, finally open a cool departure.Body method three: turn back to pull while it is unprepared Yang Yuhuan’s two skills have casting range, if huan Huan directly open two approach is likely to be in the control of the swaying period will be the enemy alert against;Inside, therefore, according to the present position, the two pull ring back first, after he target is not in the circle area and relax vigilance, stay ring will cause control, while it unprepared again suddenly melee hit moment control, in this way, the inside can not only avoid fatal injury in time, also can realize accurate control of retention.Yang Yuhuan, 21A Shea 1A321A, double play;After Marko Fire dance approaches, Huanhuan first pulls back twice to avoid damage. When The Marko fire dance moves back, huanhuan quickly follows up precise control with the ring. After the Marko Flash 1A kills The Marko fire dance, it opens the dodge control.Yang Yuhuan’s thinking is actually very simple, the first and middle stages of steady development, grab the middle line with their own wild auxiliary wandering catch edge to seek a breakthrough in the rhythm of the game;But inside how to hit a ball is a lot of people more headaches, of course, here said the regiment war mentality is not known to continue to pull, but to have their own ideas, this part will focus on two real cases to analysis: one for inside must meet danger lived up after the play, secondly, inside Julio cruz regiment incarnation method thorns cut open after the game.Case 1: road in melee, mulan suddenly melee, inside needs to open the door for the first time big away from injury, and then, inside have to do is according to the situation after the first two, no matter whether the control target, want to yourself in the position of the safety first, this is because, don’t know whether the enemy will use inside another big move vacuum strong cut directly;Therefore, once the ring has been handed over, it is now a matter of prioritizing your own safety so that you can do more for your teammates as a team booster.Case 2: the enemy in the middle of the highland group battle, huanhuan first empty a card out of skill equipment double strong pu, then open two in advance and in the ring control moment directly connected with the flash group control enemy many people, next, first hit double strong PU and then a deceleration and immediately big to avoid damage, finally again double strong pu harvest;Therefore, if the enemy has more brittle skins and is well developed, the circle can consider stabbing itself at the right time in the group battle, that is, the second flash suddenly opens the group, instead of constantly pulling, the rich ideas of the group battle can make the upper limit of the circle become very high.To sum up, although Yang Yuhuan is a soft and strong team booster mage, many people have been blinded by the effect of Huanhuan recovery, mistakenly think that she is only moving spring water, and ignore huanhuan’s own magic piercing properties;If you can master all of the above details and ideas of group warfare, trust me, your ring will be able to say, “Tiger song is no longer dust, touch the piano to save the world.”

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