Cascarino: don’t think pogba really wants to go back to United, he feels he is doing the team a favour

March 26th Former Chelsea player Tony Cascarino has been speaking to talkSPORT today about Pogba.Cascarino said: “I never really believed pogba wanted to come back to United. I mean, he left on a free transfer the first time he played for United for football reasons, not getting opportunities and so on, that’s fine.”But when you become a player worth £90m and you get the chance to go back to Manchester United, I really never fully believed pogba wanted to go back and enjoyed every second of it.”I think the worst thing a club can do is make a player feel he is doing you a favour by playing for you and I think Pogba feels he is doing Manchester United a favour by playing for them.”We know pogba is technically and physically very good, he is really a talented athlete, but has he shown his level?He fell short of expectations.Too many times we’ve just seen him watch the ball, he’s let his teammates down, he’s only started how many times this season?Thirteen times?”(Goblin Killer)

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