Digital practice of hebei Kangda Livestock and Poultry Breeding industry

Kangda company business covers feed, hatching, slaughtering livestock and poultry breeding and processing industry.This enterprise applies Yonyou U8+ system, through the project implementation of each business unit, the company can timely understand the business situation of the whole process from stocking, feed production, chicken incubation to meat processing, and timely grasp the internal cost and profit status of each business unit.Hebei Kangda Livestock and Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in breeding chicken breeding, feed processing, broiler hatching, breeding, recycling, slaughtering and processing, sales one-stop business.The company is a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, a national demonstration enterprise of agricultural processing, and a national advanced enterprise of animal husbandry.The total assets of the company are RMB 350 million yuan, and the fixed assets are RMB 200 million yuan, covering an area of 4000 yuan (including 3000 mu of agricultural science and technology park).In 2016, 30 million broilers were slaughtered and processed, and 70,000 tons of high-quality chicken products were provided to the society, with a sales volume of 750 million yuan.• Establish unified archival information and realize data sharing to lay a solid foundation for enterprise digital management;• Establish internal accounting systems of feed business Division, Incubation business Division, base business division, processing plant and other business divisions to control the operation of each business division;• Establish a settlement system for farmers’ hairy chickens to achieve management transparency and prevent business risks;• Reduce business voucher errors and improve operating efficiency;• Improve the accuracy and immediacy of cost accounting.Overall application process • Base Business unit shall propose the required quantity of feed and chicks to feed Business unit and incubation plant according to stocking plan, and make procurement application of vaccines;• The incubator determines whether it can meet the stocking plan according to the number of brooding chickens. If it cannot meet the purchase application for generating brooding chickens;• The Feed division arranges production according to the stocking plan of the base Division and generates the raw material purchase plan.After the feed production is finished, the feed will be delivered to farmers in stages according to the stocking plan;• The base Business department recycled the raisers’ chickens and generated the settlement statement of the chickens according to the situation of producing raw materials and drugs;• The meat processing plant receives the wool chickens recovered by the base Business unit and processes them according to customer orders;• The financial department independently calculates the costs and profits of each department according to the internal transactions of each department.Key application value, set up financial accounting center, accounted for separately each department cost and profit, cost calculation time by 7 days to 3 days, by developing MAO chicken settlement system, reducing farmers settlement time from 10 hours to 15 minutes. Through the system implementation, implementation from chicken to chicken medication, MAO materials batch query,• Improved the efficiency of product quality tracking • Improved the accuracy of raw material inventory in the feed plant by 15%• Changed the current inventory query of all business units from one day to real-time customer testimony since the project was launched, the inventory flow of all business units has been significantly accelerated.At the same time, demand-driven procurement makes the quantity of procurement more reasonable, and reduces the procurement cost and inventory of raw materials.In addition, through the implementation of the project, it also promoted the management of our company to be more refined and standardized, and the system to be more perfect.Thank you very much for the professional and technical support of Tianjin Jiutong Network Technology Co., LTD., and look forward to further cooperation in the future.Hebei Kangda Livestock and Poultry Breeding Co., LTD. Yonyou software (Guangzhou) Customer service center Guangzhou Yige Technology Co., LTD

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