In 2020, a man was traveling to Shanghai. He ordered food from his hometown in a restaurant and found his lost mother unexpectedly

Between mothers and children seem to have a kind of invisible doomed to take around, or another, from hunan Song Shu, 35 years old this year, and mother separated very early, and memory of faces are fuzzy, had come from the mother’s warm, early in the growth of his time to dissipate, youth and hatred had hate, envy other people’s house a happy life,Subconsciously when lost the pain is also looking forward to have such a person, to pull him, eager to a mother’s love, with the passage of time, he also did understand mother’s choice, at the age of 35, also forget those sad memories and junior, focus on their life, the lost days stay in the depths of memory, only at the mid-night,I think of my childhood here and there.Mid-night when in 2020, Song Shu business more prosperous, profitable company, pay toil is relative, this paragraph of time Song Shu busy business, busy faint head had not slept a good night for a few days, the company under the project was finally over, he also had a vacation time, can have a good time with your family are free, he unloaded the exhaustion of a suit.Returned home, his wife would have ready meal waiting for him, the family sit together to eat, talk about recent events of each other at the dinner table, for Song Shu, this time of happiness is the most warm, the eldest son puts forward wants to travel to Shanghai in this holiday, Song Shu readily agreed, and also the whole family together to determine the travel plan to Shanghai, tonight the moon is very beautiful,Unexpectedly song Shu dreamed of his mother whom he had not seen for many years at night.The appearance of the appearance of the mother in the dream is still young, he was six or seven years old child, mother squat body, only hold his hand don’t talk, the mother’s eyes with tears, also tightly hold his hand, but she still turned and went quickly disappeared, the second day early morning, Song Shu recall the dream, the appearance of the mother he actually already can’t remember, is too long.When his mother left home when he was very young, his parents began to quarrel all day long, seemingly with countless contradictions and endless quarrels. He didn’t know anything at that time, he could only cry, but nothing seemed to change, and finally his parents divorced.Only remember his mother to leave that afternoon, the sky hazy, under the rain, he grabbed her mother’s hand not loosen, mother looked at him with tears, or around the body, this is the first time that his experience of separation, when I was a child he is aware of, he is now have no mother’s child, crying, but there is nothing as a result, over the years saw his mother has never come back,He accepted the reality and remained ignorant for several years. Later, relatives and friends mentioned that his mother had married far away from home.The memory of his mother is really not very much, Song Shu fell into the memory, his wife looked at him, in order to ease his low, but also joked: this is a man to get old!How always think of the past, how old still want to mother.Song Shu heard also can not help laughing at himself, a few days later, the whole family set foot on the road to Shanghai.Mother and child crying travel this pass is very happy, the family is very happy, the morning trip is finished, the family discussed looking for a recent restaurant to eat a meal, mianmianzhizhong Song Shu chose a mediocre store, perhaps this is the magic of fate.In the restaurant, he ordered a dish of his hometown, sauteed with pickled cabbage and preserved pork. He was surprised when he had dinner. In such a small restaurant, hunan food is so authentic, which is the authentic taste of his hometown.Then became very good and stir-fry the wife of shop-owner chatted, just know wife of shop-owner is hunan person of hometown, it is no wonder that will fire out the flavor of hometown and chat also feel very speculative, two people continue to deep talking, wife of shop-owner didn’t mean to say the former name address and her ex-husband, Song Shu hear this, is even more surprising, because this is the fate?The address and name she said just happened to be her home address and her father’s name. This was her long-lost mother. All the emotions came into her heart in a flash.The dust settles and defiled Song Shu this Shanghai trip the dust settles, mother and child defiled, although sometimes care for silent, as if there are thousands of words to say with her mother, but if you really want to say, but don’t know where to start, but from that moment on, who is also gave myself a replacement when young, finally he finally the was child.Although he has not lived together for so many years, he has never met or spoken once, but in the blood, he is also longing for his mother, which is connected with his blood. All the regrets of losing his mother in the past are not important, but also have sustenance in today’s recovery.My mother still runs her restaurant, but in her spare time, she comes to see me or we all go to Shanghai to see her, the children to see their grandmother.Editor’s note: this article is a story based on a real event. the pictures and information are all from the Internet.If there is infringement, please remind to delete.For more exciting content updates, please follow me.

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