More night trains!Attached changzhi to Zhengzhou latest train schedule

China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. added more high-speed trains and ordinary trains to meet the needs of passengers4:06-6:50 Beijing west – Luoyang Longmen G4837 times 1:44-5:25 Shanghai Hongqiao – Zhengzhou east G4508/5 times 3:09-7:42G4110/1 times 0:48-5:06G4030/1 times 1:17-5:28 Zhengzhou east – Shangqiu G7928 times8:01-8:57 Shangqiu – Zhengzhou East G7927 times 9:43-10:46 Shanghai Hongqiao – Luoyang Longmen G4480/1 1:54-7:23 February 8 -9 zhengzhou east – Shangqiu G7932 times 18:01-19:15 Shangqiu – Shenzhen north G4501 times19:45-3:45(+1 day) Zhengzhou East – Guangzhou South G4789 times 19:05-1:34(+1 day)G4989 times 19:15-2:03(+1 day) February 8 – February 10 Shenzhen north – Zhengzhou east G4502 times 4:07-10:50 Guangzhou south – Zhengzhou east G4790 timesK4584/1 times 13:32-15:30(+1 day) changzhi — Zhengzhou latest departure timetable also for you to bring this extra passenger train part for the night to quickly transfer to the side of the need of small partners it!Source: Zhengzhou Railway, Railway 12306, I Changzhi Statement: reprint this article for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, please contact our website (email:, we will correct in time.Thank you very much!

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