Outsmart all mocha DHT-PHEV regional listing experience

Unafraid of the challenge, outsmart the audience Mocha DHT-PHEV region listing experience 0 pressure feeling smart travel new comfort doctrine #0 anxiety smart electric — buy luxury SUV, to.We do not have fancy style, only solid discount.Free evaluation of used cars.Series models (Macchiato DHT and Macchiato DHT-PHEV, latte DHT, Mocha) :★ Test drive gift — place an order on weiapp/TianMAO/Douyin three platforms. After checking and canceling the test drive,Can enjoy 50 yuan JD painted * E card cash gift – ordering can draw cash bonus painted (88 yuan to 888 yuan) ordering ritual – ordering, the senior gift bag painted a replacement gift – the highest painted can enjoy 7000 yuan exchange subsidies financial gift — three years 0 rate loans, low zero down payment month painted for easy ceremony – the first owner SanDian system/engine/transmission lifetime warranty;Five years/one hundred and fifty thousand kilometers of vehicle quality assurance ★ car gift – buy part of the Wei brand models, give value of ten thousand yuan gift package (gift value of 1000 yuan oil card, value of 3980 yuan boutique set, value of 4980 yuan maintenance package, give strong insurance) ★ Enjoy gift – basic services/enjoy service basic flow free for life,Entertainment services including flow three years free series models (tank 300, tank 500) : ★ Financial gift – 0 down payment, low monthly payment, easy to borrow home ★ replacement gift – up to 7000 yuan increase/purchase subsidies ★ carefree gift – 5 years / 150,000 km long vehicle quality guarantee, the first owner of the engine and transmission free lifetime warranty.★ Traffic gift – basic flow lifetime free, 5 years of free services and entertainment services ★ Security gift – 5 years of free road rescue Wei brand models limited time, limited number, first order, first served!Sales hotline: 0412-8805500 Address:In the future, Wei Pai & Tank brand also launched a number of new products in 2023 preliminary completion of the construction of the product system tank products will cover compact, medium and large, full-size SUV,Comprehensive layout of luxury/OFF-road vehicle market to bring a new category of luxury/off-road vehicles to the global automotive market

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