Some problems encountered in forest frog industry and suggestions for solutions

According to the Notice of National Forestry and Grassland Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Further Regulating the Protection and Management of Frogs (Nongyufa 2020) no. 15, Chinese forest frog (Northeast forest frog), Heilongjiang forest frog and other related frogs are managed by fishery authorities according to aquatic animals.So far, forest frog this industry is forbidden from the wild to retain down.Recently, from wood producers reflects the troubles of some of the industry development, put forward the path to solve the problem, consult for wood practitioners and policy makers: one, the room of the management and breeding WaChi using forest land problem frog can’t avoid to build the management in forest land occupancy and raising WaChi, this is inevitable requirement of development of industry.Article 52 of the Forestry Law stipulates that the construction of the following engineering facilities directly serving forestry production and operation on forestland, which meet the standards set by the relevant state departments, shall be approved by the competent forestry authorities of the people’s governments at and above the county level without going through the examination and approval procedures for the use of construction land;(1) facilities for cultivating and producing seeds and seedlings;(2) facilities for storing seeds, seedlings and timber;(3) aggregate road, transport road, fire patrol road and forest walk road;(4) educational facilities for forestry scientific research and popular science;(5) facilities for wildlife protection, forest protection, forest pest control, forest fire prevention and timber quarantine;(6) infrastructure for water supply, power supply, heat supply, gas supply and communication;(7) Other engineering facilities that directly serve forestry production.It is suggested to consider the inclusion of management and conservation houses and frog ponds in the construction of engineering facilities directly serving forestry production and management on forestland;Article 52 of the Forest Law (7) Other engineering facilities that directly serve forestry production;Is the bottom of the provisions, but also for the introduction of policies to find the basis.The problem of forest land use could be solved if the management and frog ponds could be included in other engineering facilities that directly serve forestry production.It is suggested that practitioners report their problems and suggestions to the local forestry bureau and then to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, and that provincial forestry Bureau take the initiative to communicate and report to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.Forest frogs are inseparable from forest resources. Breeding forest frogs is beneficial to the people, the country and the industry, which is the protection of forest resources. Forest frog practitioners make painstaking efforts to protect the local forest resources, which is the basis for their survival.It is necessary to contract forest resources to breed forest frogs. Under the background of paid use of natural resources, it is necessary to pay contract fees to breed forest frogs to use forest resources.But according to what standard pay, contract period how long appropriate need to be further standardized.The northeast forest resource endowment is similar, the region that can breed forest frog is also basically at the same level economically;At the national level, a guiding opinion can be issued to make specific provisions on forest resource contract fees and contract periods;The forest resource contract fee should be symbolically charged for the role of forest frog breeding in combating poverty and revitalizing northeast China and protecting forest resources.The formulation of contract period should consider the expectation of forest frog practitioners, formulate the minimum contract period, so that practitioners feel at ease.It is suggested that forest frog practitioners unite to set up a special policy class to systematically sort out the problems encountered in the industry and the path to solve the problems, and promote the solution of the problems, focusing on action.The above, just through wulinren platform and practitioners to communicate their feelings and thoughts, expect practitioners and policy makers to be more correct, the industry encountered other problems and solutions, welcome to discuss!Forest Man February 18, 2022

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